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Prof-JobertSeveral centuries ago, the Arab world enjoyed a Golden Age of scientific, cultural and artistic breakthroughs. Meanwhile, our parent institution in Paris was the flame that helped spark a remarkable era of academic enlightenment. We passionately believe that by fusing the world-renowned standards offered in Paris, with Abu Dhabi’s thrilling role as a blossoming metropolis and a regional academic hub, we will offer our students the very best of both worlds.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are meticulously formulated to provide a harmonious balance between learning and application, thus giving our graduates the competitive edge in the job market. Our professors from Paris deliver an identical learning experience to the one enjoyed by their students in France, and the emphasis is on making the learning process an intellectually stimulating and highly rewarding journey of discovery.

We sincerely hope you will become part of our growing success story, while we contribute to your own success by empowering you to succeed in your desired career pathway worldwide.

Prof Barthélémy Jobert

Chancellor of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi & President of Paris-Sorbonne