campus life 2The Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is located in a part of the world where sport plays an increasingly important role in cultural and economic success. In association with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC), the International Center for Sport Studies (CIES) and with the support of FIFA, we are delighted to offer a degree in Sports Management since 2014-15, to better nurture the next generation.

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Sports Activities at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi

Physical activities are made accessible to the widest number of students, to enhance personal development and health. These activities also unite and foster relationships between students.

From the almost 20 sports taught as courses by expert instructors, students can choose whether or not to integrate the sport in their academic careers to earn a qualification (depending on the department and the sport chosen).



  • Pilates, Fitness, Bodybar, PPG and Crossfit Objectives: You will acquire individual technical skills that enable you to progress and evolve in controlling your chosen activity. The majority of activities offer combined courses for all levels.
  • Climbing, Stand Up Paddleboard Objectives: The acquisition of specific skills enables you to work in a new environment (such as water, mountain and other natural environments). You will learn to use activity-specific equipment to develop a specific skills set, and your flexibility will be strengthened as well. The majority of these activities offer courses in a natural environment.
  • Oriental Hip hop dance and Jazz Dance Objectives: You will be familiar with the fundamentals of dance through technical and cultural dance lessons. The classes cover the parameters of movement and space, the relationship to the pace and other elements. Additional courses and professional shows are possible extensions of these studies.
  • Basketball, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball Objectives: You will acquire individual technical skills that enhance your role in an organisation or team. These acquisitions may be explored and developed during matches and academic meetings in teams at the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. Football and basketball are taken separately.
  • Muay Thai, Capoeira Objectives: Combat sports put the “fighter” in a confrontational situation to face the opponent. They help to develop different strengths ranging from the physical (flexibility, balance, fluidity, power, coordination), technical (weapons handling, physical techniques for attack and defense), tactical (combat strategy or assault) and mental (concentration, stress management).
  • Aquagym & swimming Objectives: You will acquire individual technical skills that enable you to progress and evolve in  your chosen activity. The majority of activities offer combined courses for all levels. Swimming lessons are done at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Badminton, Tennis Objectives: The courses encourage discovery or development in traditional racquet sports. These activities are a possible extension under the university competitions in the ADISL.
  • Instructors
    • Jennifer Richez: Water aerobics, Pilates, Fitness, Bodybar
    • Ann Ward: Women’s football, Bootcamp
    • Karim Onsi: Climbing, Basketball
    • Khalid Zenboury: Beach Volleyball, Volleyball, PPG, Crossfit
    • Alex Filadelfo: Capoeira
    • Julien Maxwell: Muay Thai & Crossfit
    • Mohand Belhadj: Men’s football
    • Ray-Ann: Zumba, TRX
    • Alexandre Blaise: SUP, Crossfit, Badminton
    • Jacqueline Fourcroy: Danse Salsa, Bellydance
    • Marc Lepot: Tennis and Football
    • Sophie Malt: Jazz Dance, Hip hop danse


Courses, timetables and assessment methods You will find the list of courses, schedules, content and evaluation procedures in “Blackboard”.

Most regular courses can be integrated in yo ur curriculum to earn education credits (ECTS): This is the Sport option. Sports registration is free

  • Pass the medical examination. (2014-15 Medical Clinic opening hours for Sport Registration, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 11 to 2pm)
  • Bring two photos and a document submitted by the doctor.
  • Register with the Sports Department Coordinator (Office 2023):

Internships and Events

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The Sports Section offers courses in the form of internships, so that students can engage, discover, and learn more through experience in a natural environment.

These courses include including outdoor activities:

  • Climbing
  • Ski
  • Paddleboard
  • Diving

The academic year is dotted with sporting and artistic events that students take part in organising and implementing. These events help boost student life through athletic and cultural dimensions.

Competition Sports

The Sports Section of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi also participates in competitions:

  • The varsity team championships among universities in Abu Dhabi, via
  • One off events


Location and Timings

The Sports Department is open from 9am until 5pm from Sunday through to Thursday.

The Sports Building is open from 7:30am to 10:30pm everyday (can be subject to occasional closures).


DU in Sports Management

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi has chosen to give to sports a central importance, recognizing it for its physical, mental, and social benefits.

The University is also located in a region of the world where sport plays an increasingly important place in the culture and economy. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, in association with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) and the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES), and with the support of FIFA, is pleased to offer also from 2015 to 2016 a university diploma (diplôme universitaire) in Sports Management able to better educate the next generation.


Today’s global sports industry is worth between $ 480 – $ 620 billion including media rights, sponsorships, infrastructure constructions, sporting goods, licensed products and live events.

The global sports industry is growing much faster than national gross product rates (GDP) around the world. Particularly, this growth is more significant in countries which have not been traditionally associated to sports or sports events. And the UAE is among them.

The primary objective of this course is to provide an advanced skill based short learning programme that focuses on selected areas within the management of sport. In so doing the course aims to offer students important tools they can use to enhance the manner in which they manage their federation, their association or their club in accordance with the realities of the United Arab Emirates.


Candidates must be in possession of a high school education qualification and show a keen interest and active involvement in sport. Admission is furthermore dependant on selection by the committee of the course.

  • Candidates must attend a compulsory admission interview with an academic representative of the University and a representative of the FIFA/CIES International University Network.
  • There is no age limit.
  • Since classes are in English, applicants must possess a good command of this language. PSUAD shall reserve the right to request/require any candidate to pass a TOEFL (or similar examination) to confirm the same. Accepted language certificates are the following (one of them): TOEFL IBT with a minimum score of 80 out of 120, TOEFL ITP Level with minimum score of 543 points (equivalent to the B2 level in the CERC), or IELTS academic version with a minimum score of 6,5.
  • Maximum number of students: 30


The programme is primarily aimed at persons that operate within one or more of the following settings:

  • National and regional football federations
  • Other sports federations
  • Sport clubs
  • National Olympic Committees
  • Governmental agencies
  • Industries related to sport


The programme includes the following modules:

  • Sport Management
  • Sport Law
  • Sport Communication
  • Financial Management
  • Sport Event Management
  • Sport Sponsorship and Marketing

Each module will comprise approximately 24 hours of teaching and additional learning activities such as case studies, seminars, event experience, international guests, to be completed over one academic year, exclusive of a formal assessment/s.

The mode of delivery for 2015-2016 will be by way of a block release system where students are required to attend classes at PSUAD for a period of one week at six different times in 2015-2016.


Attendance of the 6 block weeks is compulsory and students must obtain a class attendance mark of not less than 75% for each module. This stipulation is over and above the other academic requirements for the successful completion of each module.

  • Assessment of knowledge for the different modules
  • Presentation of a group project



  • Application online will be closed the 15th  of September 2015
  • Interviews the 3rd of June or the 3rd and 4th of October 2015

Mid of November (During 3 days):

  • Presentation of the campus, facilities
  • Project and methodology
  • Program explanation

6 modules for all the academic year

  • Download the planning here:
  • One week per module (evening classes)


  • Semester 1: December
  • Semester 2: January, February, March, April

Exams: End of May 2016 (TBC)

Course Location: PSUAD Campus, Al Reem Island – Abu Dhabi


  • Sport Management (Module 1)

This module focuses on acquiring strategic management/management tools that are associated with the core functions of management, namely planning, organising, directing and control. The module content will demonstrate how these management concepts are applied in both an amateur (mission driven) and professional (profit driven) sport setting.

  • Sport Communication (Module 2)

Communication has become one of the essential stakes of the 21st century. As a result this module provides an overview of questions related to efficient communication with different partners in the world of sports. It also highlights the importance of giving a coherent identity and image to the sports entity in order to improve its communication.

  • Sport Event Management (Module 3)

The objective of this module is to give students a better understanding of various aspects relating to the organisation of national and international sports events.

  • Sport Law (Module 4)

The objective of this module is to provide participants with basic legal knowledge for use by sport directors within the UAE. The essential principles of contract law, the different kinds of contracts used in the field of sport, contractual and delictual liability, applicable labour laws and the resolution of conflict and legislation pertaining to the field of sport are to be covered.

  • Financial Management (Module 5)

Education in finance offers an approach to understanding the financial realities of regional sports entities. It provides tools intended to improve the students’ financial management skills.

  • Sport Marketing & Sponsorship (Module 6)

The marketing module enables students to become familiar with the commercial realities of modern sport, particularly within the UAE and its neighbouring countries. Students are presented with a pragmatic approach of marketing sports entities and events. A key component of this module is to provide students with an understanding of the methods used to create and promote the brand of a sports entity for marketing purposes.

Sport organisations are to a large extent dependant on support from commercial entities. This module will, amongst others, explain the reasons why business organisations invest in sport, how one should go about obtaining sponsorship, inclusive of the development of successful sponsorship proposals, and how to control and service the sponsorship agreement to the satisfaction of the parties concerned. For all the modules, international and national case studies will be addressed by sport experts coming from the worldwide sport industry.


Sport Management (Module 1)

Prof. Dr. Nathalie Prime (to be confirmed)

Position: Professor, HDR (French Qualification for Ph.D. Supervision)

Chair of the European Department of Marketing (EDM)

ESCP Europe – Paris Campus – Marketing Department

Speciality: International Marketing and Cross-Cultural Management

Sport Communication (Module 2)

Mr. Kalem Mauvois

Position: Crescendo ManagementCEO / Sports Marketing Agency

Speciality: Sports Marketing Agency Managing all communication and marketing activities for major French international athletes

Sport Event Management (Module 3)

Mr. Daniel A. Rupf

Position: Executive Advisor

2014 FIFA World CuptmAccomodation Office / MATCH Services AG FIFA/CIES Network Expert

Sport Law (Module 4)

Dr. Lucie W. Valloni (to be confirmed)

Position: Lecturer at the University of Zurich

Speciality: Sport Law

Financial Management (Module 5)

Ms Colette Depeyre (to be confirmed)

Position: Associate Professor at the Université Paris- Dauphine & Member of the Lab research unit of ‘Dauphine

Recherches en Management’ (DRM) – UMR CNRS 7088D

Speciality: Research in Management

Sport Marketing and Sponsorship (Module 6)

Dr. Davide Guardamagna (to be confirmed)

Position: Lawyer and teacher at LUIC, University of Castellanza (Milan)

Speciality: Marketing Management, Sports Law and

Sponsorship Expert

PSUAD Programme Manager

Mr Alexandre Blaise

Head of Sports Department

PSUAD Programme Coordinator

Mr. Karim Onsi

Coordinator of Sports Department

Abu Dhabi Sports Council Programme Director

Will be communicated soon

CIES Coordinator in the UAE

It will be communicated soon by CIES


PSUAD is a public higher education institution, which operates under all legislative and quality assurance requirements by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). Upon successful completion of the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management, graduates will be awarded a certificate signed by Paris-Sorbonne and CIES, and a diploma signed by Paris- Sorbonne.


Closing date for Applications

15 of September 2015

Course fee (Academic year: 2015-2016)

30,000 Dhs for Tuition fees

2,000 Dhs of Admin. Fees

Total Cost (including Admin. Fees) 32,000 Dhs

Fees include comprehensive CIES manuals for each module, PSUAD class hand-outs, international, national and local guest speakers by FIFACIES, event experience, official visits, use of all the PSUAD facilities such as library, sports hall, internet access, graduation function by CIES/PSUAD. For terms and conditions of payment, please contact directly the Finance office.


PSUAD offers no bursaries for this qualification. A limited number of part scholarships, provided by the ADSC, are however available.

To apply and selection procedure

The online application is compulsory. You are kindly invited to visit the “apply online” webpage, to fill the form and upload your documents. The committee will contact applicants for personal interviews taking place at PSUAD on 3 and 4 of June 2015  after the closing date for applications (30 April). The candidates will be informed of the decisions of the committee at the end of June. The decision of the committee is final.


Students who require accommodation may want to consider the Student residence at “Place de la Sorbonne”, made up of two separate buildings, one each for male and female residents.

Registration process

  • Admission to the University. Residence is exclusively reserved for PSUAD Students.
  • Pay 1,000 Dhs to the Finance Department as a security deposit (refundable at the end of your stay if no damages occurred).
  • Read and sign the residence rules and regulations.

Housing Fees

  • 12,500 Dhs per semester for example, a weekly housing fee can be calculated.
  • Rooms are individual and are distributed on several floors.
  • Kitchens, TV rooms, computer rooms, laundry, ironing and prayers rooms are available in both residence buildings.
  • Room cleaning services are provided once a week for individual space and daily for common space, such as kitchens, lounge, etc.


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