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The French higher education system of academics relies on three phases, known as the LMD: the Licence (Bachelor), Master (M), and Doctorat (Doctorate). At Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, we offer various Licence and Master degrees, with the Bachelor degrees spanning 3 years (not including the French foundation year recommended for non-Francophone students or the science foundation year recommended for Physics majors) and the Masters degrees spanning 2 years (except for the Marketing, Management, Communication, and Media and Urban and Regional Planning degrees, which span 18 months).

Core courses, major courses, minor courses, and optional materials are referred to as UE or Unités d’Enseignement (or Modules – Teaching Units). These divisions are similar for Masters studies as well. UEs are assigned a predefined number of European credits (ECTS).

Basically, the Licence is divided into L1, L2, and L3, with the Masters spread across M1 and M2. Each of these years is a combination of UEs that come together to produce a syllabus, with each year amounting to 60 ECTS. Licence graduates need to earn 180 ECTS, Masters graduates 120 ECTS.

In the Bachelors programme, the various UEs correspond in each semester to minor or major courses as well as elective courses in Languages, Sports and Field Work.