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The “Careers in Finance and Management with specialty in Banking and Finance” programme is recognised both at European and UAE levels. It enables holders to gain access into the international labour market. The courses are taught by professors from Paris or experienced professionals.

In charge of academic related matters: Dr. Gautier Bourdeaux, Paris Descartes University

In charge of administrative related matters

This Master in Banking and Finance is open to both economists and law students. The Economics specialisation familiarises students with the theoretical models of the economy, financial analysis and management methods, while the Law specialisation focuses on international business law, banking law and regulations.

The second year is common to both specialisations. The studies including the institutional framework of financial and banking sectors, their regulations, monetary policy analysis of financial markets and investments, including in times of instability.

The lessons are taught by renowned academics and experienced professionals, balancing theoretical and case study courses. Class attendance is mandatory and student evaluation is done through examinations (written and oral) at the end of each semester. Classes are in English and are held in the afternoon from 16:30, to allow students to continue their education while working full time.

First year
Economics specialisation
Semester 1

  • Financial analysis and strategy
  • Global management of companies
  • Application of methodology
  • Communication tools
  • Quantitative methods for Management I
Semester 2

  • Quantitative methods for Management II
  • Fiscal management and financial strategies
  • Finance: Theory and Application
  • Option (a second language, leadership and management skills, corporate governance)
Law specialisation
Semester 1

  • Corporate law
  • Insolvency restructuring law
  • Private international law
  • International tax law
  • Environmental Law
  • Comparative law
  • Methodology of French law
Semester 2

  • Contractual techniques
  • Banking law
  • International trade law
  • European business law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Public business law
  • French language as diplomatic language
Common second year
Semester 3

  • Role of financial institutions in the economy
  • Institutions and markets
  • Banking and finance
  • Training
Semester 4

  • Banking management
  • Laws and regulations for bankers and financiers
  • Internship report or master thesis

Professionals and graduates holding a degree in law, economics or management will use this Master’s Degree to develop or access rewarding careers in banking and finance.

Among the career pathways open to graduates are financial analysts, consultants to multinational corporations, investment brokers, supervisors in regulatory entities and utilities, and more generally in any financial department of a company.

“I went to university and continued my studies after graduation, attaining a Masters degree. The Sorbonne is committed to the highest research standards. Everything about the university was exciting: the campus, conferences, theaters, professors and classmates. ”

– Mounir Farah, graduated in June 2013

“I always dreamed of pursuing my studies at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. After successfully completing my Bachelors degree, I got my Masters in International Affairs. I discovered that my passion was to work within an international organisation with academic and cultural values. The Sorbonne has emerged as a pioneer in the academic field and as a solid bridge between civilisations. After my second Masters degree in Banking and Finance, I was delighted to join the Sorbonne team as an Admissions Officer in charge of scholarships; a position that perfectly matches my field of study. My dream does not stop here, because the University has a lot more to offer as I aim higher in my professional and academic plans.”

– Mohamed Kayal, graduate student 2014