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The rationale of the Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) degree is to prepare talented students for business careers through a double qualification in languages and in management. Currently, the LEA department offers six languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and English, the latter being the main language of instruction for the master.

All degrees are delivered by Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris 4) and are exactly the same as those in Paris. Thanks to the vast network of corporate associates that LEA has cultivated locally, every year around 50 internships at various organisations are proposed to students as part of the curriculum and to facilitate their professional insertion.

The LEA Department also cooperates with Language institutes, such as the Goethe Institute, the British Council, foreign embassies such as the Spanish Embassy or the Italian Embassy. Every year, 3 to 4 weeks linguistic internships are organised in Spain (University of Salamanca), Italy (University of Siena) and in Germany (Brême Goethe Institute).

The aim of the programme is to provide students from various backgrounds (Languages, Economics, Law, Arts, Humanities, Social Science, etc.) with an all-in-one programme in international management (International Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Law, etc.) similar, in some respects, to a MBA but with a specific emphasis on multilingual and multicultural skills and capabilities. Alongside this, the participants can acquire or deepen their knowledge and expertise of one or two languages, additionally to English: French, German, Arabic, Spanish or Italian.


This course has dual objectives: to offer students a substantial qualification in languages, arts, humanities, and social sciences with a comprehensive programme in general management combined with a particular emphasis on international and intercultural managerial issues. In the current job market, multilingual skills have become indispensable and this course enables students to intensify their knowledge and expertise of a specific chosen language in addition to English. Students can choose from French, German, Arabic, Spanish or Italian.


Master the concepts and techniques relevant to global business and simultaneously gain extensive knowledge of strategies within a global economic context through fundamental management concepts in different fields, and gain an intimate understanding of multicultural environments.

First year courses cover a vast array of business, economics, strategy, marketing, and law subjects, alongside major courses in European studies, including various business environments ranging from German, Spanish, Latin American, Italian, and American conventions. This is followed up by a more in-depth study in the second year involving advanced courses such as The Virtual Enterprise, Luxury Marketing, and Negotiation Techniques.

The teaching methods are highly interactive with case studies, computer based simulations, group discussion.

Students will be required to produce a specific research study at the end of the first year consisting of approximately 25 pages on a topic of their choice (related to specific economic, social or cross-cultural challenges or problems or about a company) as well as submitting and defending an internship report at the end of the first year. The internship is mandatory and the university’s bureau of corporate relations will assist you in locating a suitable internship in the UAE or abroad.

At the end of the second year, students have to submit a thesis based on their internship during the second year. The theoretical input in this thesis needs to be fairly substantial and should incorporate the specific concepts and techniques learned during the course of the programme.

This academic dimension is highly important for students who intend to complete their Ph.D.

It is also imperative that the individual work of all students must be completed under the supervision of a qualified professor and once the report is submitted and approved, students will have to present and defend their dissertation.

Choosing from specialisations such as Marketing Strategy, International Enterprise, and Tourism & Development (subject to change), students are taught using a balance of general and theoretical knowledge with practical application. Individual and group projects are undertaken, with a specific emphasis on real case studies and computer based simulations.

The curriculum follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the degree is delivered by the French Ministry of Education. The course is provided over 24 months, at the rate of 4 to 5 days every week; Saturday (9.30am  to 12.30pm), Sunday to Thursday evening classes (4pm to 08pm). This is designed to suit an existing working life, by concentrating the classes over short periods, thereby guaranteeing a real return on students’ time and effort.

Semester 1

  • Business English & Communication
  • Language & Civilisation (of any of French, Arabic, German, Spanish, or Italian)
  • International Business
  • Economics
  • Finance Management
  • Business Law
  • Marketing Concepts & Techniques
  • Cross Cultural Management
Semester 2

  • Business English & Communication
  • Language & Civilisation (of any of French, Arabic, German, Spanish, or Italian)
  • Computer skills
  • English
  • Language & Civilisation (of any of French, Arabic, German, Spanish, or Italian)
  • Research Study
  • Internship Report
Semester 3

  • Business English & Communication
  • Language & Civilisation (of any of French, Arabic, German, Spanish, or Italian)
  • International Corporate Strategy
  • The Virtual Enterprise
  • Organisation, Leadership & Management
  • International Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • Branding
  • Luxury Marketing
  • International Corporate Finance
  • International Business Law
  • International Economics
  • Language & Civilisation (of any of French, Arabic, German, Spanish, or Italian)
Semester 4

  • Business English & Communication
  • Language & Civilisation (of any of French, Arabic, German, Spanish, or Italian)
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Computer Based Business Game
  • Internship & Professional Thesis

N.B: the breakdown of subjects per semester is subject to change

Each class is expected to have around 20 students from all countries. A strict entry selection procedure will guarantee the quality of the degree and will allow each one to expand his or her personal network with high potential peers.

The assessment of the coursework combines participation, continuous assessment (presentations, homework, etc.) and final examination:Throughout the year, there will be frequent assessment and valuations of all students through group assignments. You will be also evaluated on your individual assignments, final exams, internships, presentations, reports and examinations which usually take place towards the end of every semester.

For all classes, attendance is mandatory and it is important that all students are always punctual and observe university regulations at all times.


There are abundant rewarding and inspiring opportunities, on a regional and global level, for our graduates. Given the rapid development of the region and the emirate of Abu Dhabi in particular, career prospects are enormous for professionals with multilingual skills and the scope of experiential learning opportunities at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi will give you a competitive edge in your career anywhere in the world. Students can pursue careers analysts in leading global consultancy firms, product or country managers, or even expand their own businesses into different markets.

The graduates of the Master “International Business & Languages” can choose to continue towards a Ph.D in International Business & European Studies at Paris-Sorbonne (Paris 4) if they want to embrace an academic career or deepen their expertise. The 3 year Ph.D programme is non-residential (apart from a few doctoral seminars (around 60 hours) to be attended during the 1st year). The dissertation can be written in English. As for most of Doctoral programmes in French universities, the studies are partially subsided by the State and, therefore, the tuition fees are quite affordable.

Having a Paris-Sorbonne Ph.D gives additional opportunities, be it in the academic sector for the ones who intend to pursue a career as a faculty, or in international organisations and companies for students preferring executive positions in a corporate environment.

“My studies at Sorbonne are relevant to today’s world because they give me a special set of skills and knowledge, both in languages and in management, and the ability to adapt to any multicultural environment. Abu Dhabi itself is a place with many business opportunities and, at the crossroad of West and East, an epitome of a fast globalising economy, attracting people from all over the world. It is a great experience.”

Ryoma Matsumoto, a Japanese Master graduate

“I have chosen Paris-Sorbonne Master in International Business & Languages because it proposed courses in all fields of management as well as a critical thinking approach. It also gives the opportunity to learn new languages and to better master cross-cultural managerial issues. I have created my own business and this transversal programme is very helpful for my entrepreneurial venture.”

Mohamed Al Adeiri, an Emirati Master student

“After completing my high-school in the American system, I wanted to discover a different education providing an international academic passport for my future career. I also wished to keep a multi-disciplinary approach rather than specializing in only one subject. After a Bachelor and a Master in International Business & Languages I am now conducting a Ph.D at Paris-Sorbonne University. I will embrace an academic career.”

Tarek Wafi, a German Bachelor and Master graduate