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International Law, International Relations and Diplomacy

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By providing an in-depth understanding of international life, this programme facilitates a method of analysis, reflection and expression that is the hallmark of the Master of International Law, International Relations & Diplomacy. It is designed for graduates of universities in the UAE or other countries as well as future diplomats, senior military officers, entrepreneurs or researchers wishing to acquire or improve the necessary qualities for their professions, or to prepare for a research environment. This programme provides strong legal and political expertise, nurturing the ability to analyse events in the past, present and future while offering perspectives on the evolution of the world. Students will be perfectly equipped for intellectual and practical experience at the international level.

In charge of academic related matters: Prof. Eric Canal-Forgues, Paris Descartes University

In charge of administrative related matters

Students learn the core disciplines of International Law, namely public international law, business law and international economics, international relations and institutions. These disciplines form the training foundation for any international career.

The intellectual tools gained open the gateway to issues of contemporary international relations:

Firstly, the forms of organization in modern international society, conflict resolution, the law of treaties, maritime law and the rules governing diplomatic relations.

Secondly, the economic and financial relations, international trade, economic law in its institutional aspects (such as WTO, IMF, World Bank) and hardware (trade in goods, provision of services, movement of capital).

Thirdly, new developments in international law and international relations: international criminal law, environment and sustainable development, nuclear law both in terms of energy and from a strategic angle.

Finally, the historical and geopolitical context of international relations is an indispensable part of training while providing a working knowledge of diplomatic techniques.

Class attendance is mandatory and student evaluation is done through examinations (written and oral) at the end of each semester. The classes are held in the afternoon, from 16:30 to 20:00, to allow students to continue their education while working.

First year
Semester 1

  • Corporate law
  • Insolvency restructuring law
  • Private international law
  • International tax law
  • Environmental Law
  • Law of international organisations
  • Methodology of French law
Semester 2

  • Contractual techniques
  • Banking law
  • International trade law
  • European business law
  • International economic law
  • Public business law
  • French language as diplomatic language
Second Year
Semester 3

  • Comprehensive international law
  • History of diplomatic structures
  • Law of the sea
  • International organizations
  • Analysis of diplomatic documents
  • Peaceful settlements of disputes
  • Language
Semester 4

  • Geopolitics
  • History of international relations
  • International trade law
  • Human rights law
  • International economic law
  • Sustainable development law
  • Language
  • Internship report or master thesis

A general legal education and deepening knowledge of law and international practice to provide adequate preparation for international careers both public character , diplomacy , international organizations , the private nature, lawyer, jurist , lawyer business or evaluation position and legal expertise and international politics. Beyond the acquired knowledge, training master insists effect on the ability to analyze situations and reasoning involved in risk assessment and decision.

“The Master in International Law, International Relations & Diplomacy (with a concentration on the Law of Sustainable Development) meets my personal, technical and professional ambitions while contributing to the UAE by 2021. Moreover, as an evaluator of the Excellence Award for the UAE government in ecological applications, I contribute towards the UAE Strategy for Green Development, using the instruments of national and international laws, statutes, regulations, guidelines and best practices that I have learned in my Master’s programme and research thesis. ”

– Engineer Mohammed Al Ali, graduated in June 2013

“The MA in International Law and Diplomacy nurtured me into a unique engineer with legal experience in the Law of Sustainable Development and Nuclear Law. The two-year Master’s programme jump-started my career, and I am currently a Risk Advisor at ADCO.”

– Mr Ali Al Mansouri, graduated in June 2013