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In today’s marketplace, intelligent communication strategies and intuitive branding decisions can take you to the frontline. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon when you are out to outsmart the competition, tackle challenges, and lead the way.

The Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi provides the combined experience of two globally renowned French academic institutions, Paris-Sorbonne (Paris 4), dedicated to Arts and Humanities, and the CELSA Graduate School, one of the best French institutes for Marketing, Communication, Human Resources Management, and Media. Particularly sought after in the professional world, this Master’s degree is acknowledged as an Emirati and European qualification offering students access to the international job market.

By attending this course, students will acquire the necessary tools to comprehend the multiple dimensions of Marketing, Management, Communication and Media issues and thrash out the most effective solutions. Mastering the concepts and techniques relevant to Marketing, Management, Communication and Media and simultaneously gaining extensive knowledge of strategies best suited for both traditional and emerging media, students expand their career opportunities in diverse fields across the world.

Cross discipline courses combined with a strategic and international vision give students the theoretical knowledge and the business, professional, and operational methodologies that help them expand their analytic and conceptualisation capacity, preparing them for work in an international and multicultural environment. The teaching methods integrate a humanistic perspective with professional knowledge, as a result of experience and know-how developed in France and Europe.

The combined expertise of Paris-Sorbonne University and CELSA Graduate School offers in Abu Dhabi specific courses in:

  • Marketing and Branding
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Communication Strategy
  • Media Analysis and Strategy
  • Human & Social Sciences applied to contemporary contents

The programmes on offer are particularly sought after in the professional world and prepare students to succeed with the current pace of globalisation.

To start, the programme works to build a strong foundation of communications theories, information and social sciences, strategies for present social and economic environments, and the numerous organisational structures and the internal divisions of companies. The international scope of the programme is primary emphasis throughout, with courses on global-scale marketing, communications, and management, as well as the distinct variations in working with local and world media outlets, both new and traditional. Additionally, the value of combining language, research, and presentation is highlighted throughout, with the final thesis being a meticulous case study for a particular practical outcome.

The course is organised over 18 months, at the rate of 3 days every 2 weeks: Saturdays are full days, while Sundays and Mondays are evening classes only. The schedule is carefully designed to suit the existing lifestyles of working professionals by concentrating the classes over short periods and are set up to guarantee a real return on your time and effort.

All our Master’s programmes are taught in English with translation provided (French to English) when required.

The core courses to be studied are:

  • Theories of information, communication, and social sciences
  • Communication strategy in the present social and economical environment
  • Work environments —organisational structures
  • International marketing
  • International management and human resources
  • International communication
  • Media
  • Languages and communication
  • Qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Brand and social auditing

We seek cultured, talented and committed personalities with a clear indication of their career objectives. Our students have a high academic calibre and range from fresh graduates to professionals.

There are enormous opportunities for Marketing, Management, Communication and Media professionals, on a regional and global level. The scope of experiential learning opportunities at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi will give you a competitive edge in your career anywhere in the world.

“The MMCM programme was extremely beneficial to me both professionally and personally. The professors were exceptional & the university stands in a league of its own. I truly recommend this course to any individual who’d like to learn and practice a more strategic form of communications especially those in professions where ‘communications” is vital, be it in negotiations, marketing, business development, or media & communications, as ‘Communications’ is universal, you just learn strategic ways of adapting it to the different audiences and professions. In todays world where merging and multiculturalism is becoming the norm, this course really provides you with relevant tools for harnessing a dynamic & strategic approach to a successful business in todays converging world”– Amna Al Romaithy