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Following the Rio Summit in 1992 in which the concepts of sustainable development were formally defined, it has become necessary for all economic policymakers and stakeholders at the national and international levels to incorporate the concept of sustainability into their development strategies. The Master of Sustainable Development Law addresses this need.

In charge of academic related matters: Dr. Anthony Chamboredon

In charge of administrative related matters

The programme provides specific training for professionals in line with the recent surge of interest in Sustainable Development Law. It trains students to harness all the necessary legal tools for businesses and communities. It is based on a multidisciplinary approach that covers the main aspects of legal, economic, financial, diplomatic, scientific, geographic and strategic disciplines.

The first year of the programme deepens the fundamental aspects of the legal context of the material and its international dimension: environmental law, business law, international economic law, legal English.

The second year focuses on more specific aspects without ignoring the issues of corporate social responsibility and labor law. Practitioners come to share their experience on specific topics (soil pollution, biodiversity, energy, waste management), giving students a very practical approach to these issues.

Class attendance is mandatory and student evaluation is done through examinations (written and oral) at the end of each semester. Classes are in English, and held in the afternoon from 16:30 to 20:00 to allow participants to continue their education while working full time.

First year

Semester 1  Semester 2
  • Corporate law
  • Insolvency restructuring law
  • Private international law
  • International tax law
  • Environmental law
  • Contracts law and Procurement law
  • Methodology of French law
  • Contractual techniques
  • Banking law
  • International trade law
  • European business law
  • International economic law
  • Public business law
  • French language as diplomatic language

Second year

Semester 3  Semester 4
  • Environmental law and administration
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Comparative Sustainable Development Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Economics and Management
  • Finance and Taxation
  • Thematic issues: Soil, Water, Agriculture and Food, Space management
  • English
  • International and community aspects
  • General principles of sustainable development
  • Geopolitics of sustainable development
  • Private international law of sustainable development
  • Urban and durable building
  • Seminars
  • Internship report or master thesis


Students can aspire to work in the legal and sustainable development departments of businesses, local authorities or central government, or specialised consultancies. This qualification is also ideal for students aiming for careers in the legal profession.

“This Master in Sustainable Development Law meets my personal, academic and professional ambitions, while equipping me to contribute to the UAE’s Vision 2021. Furthermore, as an evaluator of the Excellence Award for the UAE government in ecological applications, I am contributing responsibly in fulfilling the UAE’s ecological development strategy, using skills in national and international laws, statutes, regulations, guidelines and best practices that I learned in my Master’s programme and research thesis.”

– Engineer Mohammed Al Ali, graduated in June 2013

“This Master degree transformed me into a unique engineer with legal experience in Sustainable Development Law and Nuclear Law. The two-year programme gave me a competitive edge and jumpstarted my career, and I am currently a Risk Advisor at ADCO .”

– Mr Ali Al Mansouri, graduated in June 2013