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The Department of French Studies, which offers classes in French and Comparative Literature, in the French language as a science, and in written and oral Communication, prepares for the Bachelor in French and Comparative Literature of Paris-Sorbonne University.

This Bachelor degree gives students, in addition to a solid cultural background that contributes towards individual personal development, a spirit of analysis and understanding, and a proficiency in written and spoken communication that are undeniable assets for any career in the Future.

All these courses offered by the Department of French Studies meet the needs and expectations of the region. The United Arab Emirates, as well as the MENA region, continue to express a visible interest in French language and culture, and are particularly keen on developing French publishing, multimedia, and teaching sectors.

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Prix Goncourt 2017

Become a juror of the Literary Award

« Le Choix de l’Orient »

For the fourth year, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and the Department of French Studies participate in French literary award “ListeGoncourt/LeChoix de l’Orient“, which brings together several universities in the region at the initiative of the Agence Universitaire dela Francophonie’s Middle East Office and the French Institute of Lebanon. Follow the latest news on the Sorbonne’s jury by clicking here. Students who will compose the jury of the Sorbonne will make their own choices and elect one of them as president, who will participate in the grand jury of the “Choix de l’Orient” to be held in Beirut, during the Francophone Book Fair mid-November.

Information and registration at the Department of French Studies:

To study literature, all students need have a passion for books, theatre, cinema, media and culture in general, and a desire to enrich their knowledge in these specific subjects. The key element is to have a strong desire to understand the various ways communication works and aspire to use them professionally and personally.

Contrarily to many Universities in Paris, the limited number of students per class encourages a deeper collaboration between students and professors and provides a teaching environment that matches every student’s level and needs. The Sessions are three hours long (with a break!) and combine theoretical and practical teaching, along with a systematic training in written and spoken communication.

The originality of the Bachelor in French and Comparative Literature is in its ability to combine fundamental teachings, namely: classical, modern and contemporary French literature, as well as in comparative literature, linguistics, rhetoric and in ancient cultures etc., to professional teachings such as: information sciences, history and practice of different media, and journalistic and script writing workshops.

Some of the professors at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi are on permanent assignment from Paris-Sorbonne and they teach courses throughout the academic terms. Also, a large number of courses are provided in intensive periods of two weeks with daily three-hour classes, taught by visiting professors from Paris, in order to provide students with the same education as the one in Paris. This gives students the opportunity to focus on one or two subjects during a fortnight.

To assist students in their course material and their reviews, the permanent professors tutor various students all throughout the year.

The programme is divided in three years of study with an equivalent of 60 credits per year (following the European ECTS system).

During the first two years, students take three core courses in Literature (four in the second semester of the second year) and two courses from the departments of History, Archeology and Art History, and Philosophy. They are also expected to choose optional subjects in transdisciplinary studies, communication, languages, sport, or else (see French Academic System for more information).

Courses in communications are required for those who choose to specialise in communication studies.

During the third year, students can choose a number of elective courses, nevertheless, all their other courses focus on academic or pre-professional material that correspond to their major of French and Comparative Literature.

Syllabus for the 1st semester of 2015-2016:

 L1  L2
  • Fundamental tools: disciplinary methodology 
  • French literature : « The French spirit. From the Renaissance to Enlightenment »
  • Comparative literature : « Paris in literature and arts »
  • Communication : Media technique and language 
  • Fundamental tools: disciplinary methodology
  • French literature : « Writing contemporary French society »
  • French language : « French in French speaking countries »
  • Communication : The language of cinema
  • French literature : « Writing contemporary French society »
  • French language : Rhetorical approaches 
  • Comparative literature : « Paris in literature and arts »
  • Literature and images : Poetry books and their relations to arts.
  • History of books and media : Introduction to book related professions

For a more detailed review of the syllabus and a look at the diverse options of elective courses, click here for full descriptions and a comprehensive table in pdf format.

The Bachelor in French and Comparative Literature prepares for:

  • Journalism and audio-visual jobs
  • Book trade and publishing
  • Cultural relations
  • Public and private administrative jobs
  • Teaching, especially of French as a Foreign Language

After the Bachelor’s degree, students can attend the competition of CELSA (Graduate School, attached to Paris-Sorbonne and specialized in training for careers in journalism, communication, and human resources) and other Journalism and Communication Schools.

The B.A. in French and Comparative can be completed by the Masters “Teaching French as a Foreign Language” or “Publishing, Information and Multimedia, taught at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

“At the Sorbonne I discovered a different life in a multicultural environment (…) I also started to learn French language and literature through which I could communicate better understand and analyze the French culture to spread it in my country. I will always be grateful to the Sorbonne for making me this favor.”

Samira, promotion of 2012


“Studying at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi has, so far, been a pleasant experience. There are not many students but this is an advantage because the teachers are exclusively focused on each of us. Among the students, who come from around the world, we find a rich diversity that is lacking in many other Universities.”

Yasmin, Student L2


“I am a third year exchange student  from Paris-Sorbonne. I find the classes in PSUAD as great as those in Paris, with the same quality but smaller classes. The courses are built on an exchange and fruitful proximity between students and teachers. I especially like that the general atmosphere of the University encourages passions and invites curiosity. My studies are punctuated and enriched by literary events organized by PSUAD, particularly the Literary Majlis once a month, a few poetry readings and meetings during the year, this added to the presence of a drama club. Finally, the library, so dear tour major, is dynamic and very well supplied. I work there with pleasure and in a quiet environment.”

Clara, Student L3