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Welcome, Alumni!

Welcome to the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni organization website.

Since its beginning in 2006, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) has continued to pursue its development goals. Today our University offers an exceptional educational environment and is recognized as one of the leading universities in the UAE with French degrees recognized worldwide.

But the truest measure of PSUAD’s ultimate success as a Higher Education institution is the success of our graduates. PSUAD Alumni are obviously playing an important role in building the reputation of the University and each of them has contributed immensely to its growth.
As of today, the University has more than 1400 Alumni in more than 40 countries and spread across the globe. Each alumna or alumnus, as a graduate of PSUAD, belongs to Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni which is now formalized through Bylaws governing the newly created organisation.

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni is to support and promote the University in its pursuit of excellence and to raise a spirit of loyalty, involvement, and life-long commitment to the University through its Alumni.

Are you a PSUAD Alumna or Alumnus?

All Alumni of the University are members of the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni. But it’s important to update your contact information so we can keep you informed of the upcoming events and activities. Please take a moment to create or update your Alumni profile:

click here: “Alumni Contact Information Update”

First election of the Council: your vote matters!

For the first time the University has the privilege of organizing the first election of the 14 members for the Alumni Council of Trustees (the Council), those elected members will serve for a two-year-term.

A group of 23 alumni from a broad-cross section of academic and professional backgrounds is running for seats for the first alumni Council. Their profiles and statements could be found at the following link.

Today is an opportunity to have your say and to have a dynamic and powerful alumni body. By voting and electing the 14 members, your voice will be heard. Voting is open for one month from Sunday 20th December 2015 until January 20th 2016. Every member should have received a personal email with voting instructions. Please contact the Alumni Relations Office if the notification of vote has not yet reached you.

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni is on LinkedIn

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni is the official networking group for PSUAD alumni on LinkedIn and is open to all alumni having a LinkedIn profile.

The purpose of the group is to link alumni and therefore to enable them to share ideas, contacts, advices, business opportunities and partnerships as well to promote job opportunities via this networking platform. Also activities and events to be initiated and organised by the first Alumni Council in the near future will be communicated through this network.

Contact Us

For any information or assistance regarding your membership and/or the first election of the Council please contact:

Career Services & Alumni Office
Department of Student Affairs
Tel +971 (0) 2 65 69 104
Mobile +971 (0) 50 310 88 16
PO Box 38044, Abu Dhabi, UAE