Alumni Election

Abdulnasser AL SHAALI
Graduated in 2014 with a Master degree in Banking & Finance.

UAE National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Acting Deputy Director - Policy Planning Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Abdulnasser is on LinkedIn:

I have been active in promoting students interest since my years in the American University of Sharjah where I held the positions of Vice President and President of the Emirati Cultural Club for 3 years, through which I worked on promoting students' engagement with the Emirati culture and vice versa. After graduating from Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, I have been very diligent on recruiting Sorbonne students and alumni into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and still am via my different roles as first Head of Research in the Office of the Foreign Minister and then as the Acting Deputy Director of the Policy Planning Department in the ministry. I would nevertheless continue to do so as I strongly believe in the education that Sorbonne provides its students and the thorough preparation for the job market. I would like to as a member of Sorbonne's alumni and hopefully of the Council of Trustees to promote further engagement within Sorbonne's premises between students and alumni of different backgrounds in ways that would enrich their cultural interaction and enhance their recruitment prospects. Finally, I would also like to improve the role of job fairs and roundtables to ensure minimal waiting time for bachelor and master graduates.

Graduated in 2014 with a Master degree in International Business Law.

UAE National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Document and Patent Administrator at Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi.

It would be my pleasure to serve on the Alumni Council because of the immense impact it will have. It would be a vehicle to bring alumni closer to students and to each other. Assist students with opportunities that will help them learn and grow during their time in PSUAD and beyond, create new ties and memories, and strengthen old ones. In other words, I would like alumni to still feel that PSUAD is home, always welcoming and beneficial. This will ensure that the students will continue to thrive with this remarkable organization for the many years to come.

Graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor degree in Economics & Management.

UAE National residing in Abu Dhabi.

“If you want change, you have to be the change.”

A phrase so simply put, a phrase I strongly believe in and live by. It truly is an honor to be nominated as a possible candidate for Paris-Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi’s first Alumni Council of Trustees. My four years at PSUAD were some of the toughest and most rewarding years of my life. I believe I would best represent my fellow colleagues because I understand what it’s like to go through one of the most challenging and prestigious universities, such as learning a new language and getting accustomed to a different system. In doing so, I’ve overcome several obstacles in which I wish to help others deal with, allowing PSUAD to become an even better experience for them. My intentions are to do my part in maximizing PSUAD’s potential and representing my colleagues by communicating their concerns and suggestions. Furthermore, through organized events, I would like to shift PSUAD’s focus to matters such as self-development and conservation of animals, climate change and other significant current events. As Les Brown best said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” and I’m looking to plant the seed that will continue to make this university one of the top leading universities in the UAE.

Amira Ioana SHAAT
Graduated in 2008 with a University Diploma in French as a Foreign Language and in 2011 with a Bachelor degree in Law.

Romanian National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Para-legal at Chadbourne & Parke LLP.

There are fewer individuals better placed to represent the student body than one who has witnessed the blossoming of the University from an atypical, foreign establishment into the sought-after, and academically-excellent, institution it is now. As a former student of PSUAD, I joined when the University was just two years old. I watched the infrastructure, student body and academia take flight while I was a current student, and even afterwards, as an alumna. I am at my proudest when I describe my legal career beginning with the prestige of obtaining a Bachelors of Law from the Paris-Sorbonne University. Though studying Law in French was also the most challenging accomplishment of my life, I would not trade in the experience for anything in the world. I learned how to be resilient and persistent and how to nurture my passion for the Law. Through my years at the University, I grew to become a strong, independent and adaptable legal professional and for that, I believe I am the most suitable candidate to represent the Alumni Council, as I am equipped to give back to the University what it has given me - a bright future.

Vote for Me, vote for You!

Graduated in 2015 with a Master degree in Banking & Finance.

Jordanian National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Vice President-Capital Markets at Al Hilal Bank (Abu Dhabi).

Ammar is on LinkedIn:

My experience in the master program at Sorbonne was among the most personally and intellectually rewarding experiences of my life. At no other point in my life, despite a measure of professional and academic success, have I been surrounded by so many smart and passionate men and women from so many diverse backgrounds. As such, I have always had in the back of my mind the thought that I would like to give back to the university. Now I might have the chance to help those smart and talented men and women that permeate throughout the Sorbonne community remain in contact, even as they go their separate ways in the years following graduation. As far as what I bring to the council, first and most importantly is an honest passion and desire to help out in any way possible. I also believe that my professional experiences will allow me to bring a broad viewpoint and slightly different perspective to the Alumni Council.

Graduated in 2014 with a Master degree in International Law, Diplomacy and International Relations (Major in Sustainable Development).

Iraqi National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Communications Associate at United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Gulf Liaison Office.

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We are in a very exciting period in the history of youth; we are privileged to access infinite resources of knowledge while connected with the entire world through. Thus, this is the perfect time for us to make a difference through a shared unified platform. My background has always been rich with youth leadership and development involvements, where I have been supported by other youth and had the opportunity to mentor and support others as well. I believe my sincere long term passion for youth and community building in addition to my academic and professional expertise fit perfectly in this role as it reflects my goals for life, one which I was born with and carry for life. My interest to help and support fellow youth and pave the road to excellence where youth have their voices heard is one that I call a dream and where I see that I possess the right skills set for. My previous experience as a student council member in my bachelor's studies allows me to have an insight on how such student bodies can have a tremendous effect on both the student path and the structure of the student standing position in their University.

Graduated in 2011 with a Master degree in Urban & Regional Planning.

Palestinian & American National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Senior Civil Engineer / Task Manager at Parsons International Limited.

LinkedIn address:  

My name is Dima Tarazi. graduated from University of California San Diego, and proudly done my Master’s Degree in the Sorbonne University in Urban and Regional Planning. I started my career path working for six years with Consolidated Contractor Company (CCC) in Abu Dhabi, and now working for over a year with a Global company, Parsons International as Senior Civil Engineer / Task Manager.
My passion in engaging with communities and working with people, lead my way as a structural engineer to pursue my higher education studies in the field of Urban Planning to equip me with the needed knowledge and skills to contribute to the wellbeing of the Mankind. Through my work as a government employee in Abu Dhabi City Municipality as a Planning and Development Officer, I was nominated to be a committee member of both the Blue Flag and Green Flag Committees in UAE, securing safe and sustainable beaches and public parks up to international standards for Abu Dhabi residence and visitors. Sorbonne is a University I am proud of and always encourage my friends and aquatinters to join it, my sister joined the Sorbonne and graduated in 2012, my friend is currently doing her masters there and I have another friend that will be joining the Sorbonne University soon. I’m active in local and International volunteering work, mainly with the Palestine Children Relief Fund (PCRF) and Operational Smile. It’s fact that running for elections carries no specific portfolio, but it will give me the opportunity to take range of responsibilities that the council requires with an open minded approach.

Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor degree in International Business and Languages.  

Polish National residing in Luxembourg.  

Professional activity: Assistant Team Leader at Société Générale in Bank and Trust, in Luxembourg  

Emil is on LinkedIn   

I was one of the first students who came to Abu Dhabi in 2006 to contribute to foundation of this unique University. I have done my Master’s degree at excellent International Schools, such as ESCP Europe and an Ivy League Cornell University in US and I have an objective comparison with PSUAD. I know the level of education and the values taught at PSUAD gave me a great advantage in my future career path. I have worked for State Street Bank, Bank of New York Mellon and now Société Génèrale Bank and Trust. All these opportunities wouldn’t have been possible for me without having studied at PSUAD previously. As a member of the Council I would like to share my experience and help students, alumni and perspective students to benefit from this exceptional education in order to translate it into future career opportunities they are targeting. I would like to put more importance on creating a strong name of PSUAD around the world, giving the students more exposure to international companies. I believe it can be done by a strong alumni network that will cooperate closely. I know that sharing their professional networks with companies will be beneficial for all of us and will translate into a bigger number of internships and employments around the world for our students.

Ghada OSTA
Graduated in 2015 with a Master Degree in Banking & Finance.  

Jordanian National residing in UAE.  

Professional activity: Senior Vice-President Treasury Banking Group, Al Hilal Bank (Abu Dhabi).  

To assist Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, as best I am able, to remain one of the great universities in the world and to have a superb presence in the UAE. To assist Sorbonians in obtaining a Sorbonne education and to provide for Sorbonne graduates a measure of the Sorbonne culture of fellowship, learning, service and enjoyment of life. I know the student’s expectations within my interaction during the academic year. The mission should be to promote a constructive dialogue among the University, its alumni and the greater Sorbonne Community, to provide undergraduate and graduate financial aid and to assist the Sorbonne in attracting the most talented students to the University. With 15 years of experiences and expanded business network, I would be able to facilitate awareness of Sorbonne in the local community and promote interaction among Sorbonne graduates. In my opinion, the biggest value the alumni body or member can offer is scholarships and access to the job markets. I hope, if elected, I can advance the interest, influence and reputation of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi by cultivating friendship, fostering a closer relationship and encouraging the enrollment of qualified students.

Eng. Jassim ALHOSANI
Graduated in 2009 with a Master Degree in Marketing, Management, Communication and Media.

UAE National residing in Al Ain – Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Head of Organizing & Auditing at U.A.E. Army (Government) & Founder/CEO at Emirates International Factory for Ribbons Manufacturing (Private Sector)

Enj. Jassim is on LinkedIn:

Eng. Jassim ALHOSANI has blending of engineering and business qualifications, in addition to working experiences over 14 years in the governmental sector and the private sector as an entrepreneur.  This diversity contributed greatly to enrich his knowledge and experience in various sectors. He succeeded in establishing the first factory of its kind in the middle-east specializing in ribbons manufacturing and packaging solutions. Moreover, he has been honored by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi after completing the first Abu Dhabi TASDEER Program 2014.  In 2013, Eng. ALHOSANI participated in PSUAD delegation at "Abu Dhabi Investment Forum", in Paris.  Also he was one of the panelists in the discussion sessions at "Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Business Councils in Abu Dhabi 2013" and at "2014 SME Beyond Borders Conference” in Dubai.  In the first elections to sports federations of U.A.E. (2005), Eng. ALHOSANI was selected to be board member of Federation of Table Tennis in U.A.E. Also, he worked as a volunteer at more than ten international and national sport events over last thirteen years. The vision of Eng. ALHOSANI is to innovate new models to sustain of adding experiences, knowledge and professional network to the alumni, maximizing benefits gained from the value of PSUAD, and adding more from its network locally and globally.

Dr. Khaldoon NABHAN
Graduate in 2011 with a Master degree in International Law, Diplomacy and International Relations.

UAE National residing in Dubai.

Professional activity: Senior Medical Audit Analyst at Dubai Health Authority.

I am a Physician and a holder of six Master degrees including the Master in International Law, Diplomacy and International Relations, that gave me the opportunity to express my experience in supporting our Nation in various specialties and levels. Professionally, I had four years’ experience at the Legal Affairs department in Dubai Health Authority where I assist in medical investigations on medical Liability, developing Federal Health Rules on delivering patient’s rights and safety, and currently a Senior Medical Audit and Vice Chairperson of the General Medical Committee in the Emirate of Dubai In the other hand I had the opportunity to lecture the American University in Dubai AUD “Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Healthcare System”. Furthermore, I started my PhD in Healthcare Project management at the British university in Dubai (September 2012- 2015), and Winner of Oxford University Press, Bryman and Bell Prize on a Research titles” Employee Engagement” in June 2008. And a holder of the Internal QMS Auditor Training Certificate (based on ISO 9001:2008) from Lloyd's Register Quality Limited in June 2009. However, I was selected as PSUAD Ambassador to Abu Dhabi Investment Forum 2013 in Paris. Directing France / Dubai Health Authority Strategic Healthcare collaboration in fields of Human capital and knowledge transfer in various Parisian institutes including: (Pasteur Institute of infectious disease, Curie Institute of Oncology, IMAGINE institute of Genetics, and ICM institute in Neurosciences via H.H the French ambassador and the consulate Contribute in building "International Law club" in supporting ministries of foreign affairs at the Arab states to deeply analyze international disputes settlement.

Graduated in 2009 with a Master degree in Urban & Regional Planning.

UAE National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Director of Government Affairs and Partners Development at Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre.

Public sector leader and change agent with more than 13 years of experience leading cross functional teams to delivery high impact projects within the public and private sector. I am able to elevate projects I work on to new heights, handling them from initial strategy to operations management, making them flagship projects for the government of Abu Dhabi, particularly the e-Government initiative within the Emirate. A strong sense of work ethic, dedication to teamwork, communication skills and an unrelenting mission of self-improvement has played key roles in shaping my current achievements. With my extensive international exposure during my studies abroad and collaboration with multinational enterprises, leaders and entrepreneurs from the around the globe, I will be able to provide a UAE national culture and belief prospective combined with international best practices to the vision, mission and goals of the Alumni Council of Trustees.

Meitha Al Noori
Graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor degree in Law.

UAE National residing in Dubai.

Professional activity: Jr. Legal Advisor in the Insurance Sector (Abu Dhabi). 

This is an opportunity I am glad to be given, one where i would be able to share my experiences with all of you. Before joining Sorbonne, I was in a state where I felt a part of me was lost, a part of me which was desperately searching for a path towards my goals. However as hard as I searched, as hard as I tried, all doors seem closed and I was in a state of confusion. Then one day I was struck with the opportunity to study in Sorbonne. I decided to take a leap of faith, one, which is a choice, I don't regret. The path I chose was not an easy one to walk, not at all. There were times where I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I made sure I kept the drive within that would beg me to continue to stand and move forward. The challenges would differ from time to time, be it financial struggles or moments of weakness.  These exact moments, are the ones where we discover who we are and what we are meant to do. Everyone around me, my friends and professors saw that drive in my eyes, and rather than a pat on the back, they guided me to where I needed to go and showed me how nothing is impossible. That is what it means to be a part of the alumni, to show everyone that we all have an undying drive that deserves to be embraced, that we are all there to lend out that hand of compassion in times of confusion and doubt. Sorbonne has proven to be a bridge between two civilizations, a bridge I see myself becoming.

Graduated in 2011 with a Master degree in Marketing, Management, Communication and Media.

Yemeni National residing in Abu Dhabi

Professional activity: General Manager at ACICO (Dubai) and Media Director at Al Jazira Club (Abu Dhabi).

We're in a very exciting period in Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi history. Celebrating the 10th anniversary and first Council election in the capital with President Powers and faculty, students can make our future here as they are in Paris. We’re on the verge of a massive development in the University's alumni new election to move this education to real life, where we have to make our university proud of us from Paris, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the world where we reflect our education into innovations, helping people, adding value to nations and world, personally, I’m proud to be with you now and wish you help us to be your bridge for future.  My first mission in alumni to reach you anywhere in the world and hear you to make your wish happening with us, my target to reflect the experience and knowledge in my career and yours into reality to help generations to have excellent life style when they graduate.

Graduated in 2014 with a Master Degree in International Business Law.

Sudanese National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Senior Editor- Media Communication and Public Relations Division at AD National Refining Company-TAKREER.

I am enthusiastic to play a pivotal role in the Alumni Council of Trustees. Well equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to represent academic colleagues I will be capable to bring about a change.   I will be a strong, passionate and independent voice for all students. My past role as a chief reporter with Khaleej Times Newspaper has allowed me to collaborate with a wide range of people from around the globe and garner invaluable abilities to empathize with others concerns and worries and work individually as well in groups to find solutions.   My aptitudes in being persuasive and diplomatic have provided me with a distinctive character and a great personal charisma.   My present occupation as Senior Editor at Media Communication & Public Relations Division in the National Oil Refining Company-TAKREER has also enabled me to demonstrate collegial and effective leadership, creating positive and comfortable environment for all, as well as communicating with people of different levels.   My expertise in general provided me with a unique understanding of various cultures within and outside the UAE.  I am determining to bring an understanding of academic life of each of the academic levels. If elected to the Council, I will strive to represent the whole Alumni Council of Trustees.

Graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor degree in History Civilisations and International Affairs.  

French National residing in France.  

Professional activity: Chief Financial Officer at World Vision France, Paris, France.  

Philippine is on LinkedIn:  

Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is my best memory when it comes to my studies. I enjoyed discovering a new culture and civilization. PSUAD gave us the chance to study in the best conditions including by developing a link with our professors and by getting passionate about our studies. I have two main goals if I am elected in the Alumni Council: making sure each student can get the chance to apply to PSUAD and keeping the relations between Alumni. I want to contribute to PSUAD acknowledgement. Students are looking for experience in foreign countries and they should be aware of the PSUAD opportunity. We all know that the diversity of the students’ nationalities is a richness we would like to maintain in the future. Companies should be aware of the expertise of PSUAD students. The Alumni group can be reinforced and we can create a real network which could facilitate internships or future business agreements. I commit to help to manage the finance of the Council, to attend events to talk about PSUAD, to convince investors to support the scholarship system. The First Council of Alumni is a great chance to pursue and develop the heritage of PSUAD!

Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor degree in French and Comparative Literature.

Lebanese National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Marketing Senior Account Executive at Weber Shandwick (Abu Dhabi).

During my programme in Lettres Modernes in Sorbonne, I’ve had a special admiration for the strong relationships I built with my fellow students, and it has always been a priority of mine to preserve those relationships. Having said that, I’ve always thought of organizing an alumni association to bring us all together and build a long-term network. The establishment of this alumni is a golden opportunity for us to achieve Sorbonne’s vision of being one big family for life. Apart from being extremely passionate about the relationships that are built within my university, I believe I have the necessary skills that make me qualified and capable of being part of such an organization. Having worked in Public Relations and Communications field for the past 3 years, I’ve gained strong leadership, planning and communication skills that I know will be an asset to the Council. I believe that those skills, coupled with my personal traits- being supportive, sociable, committed, kind, passionate- make me the right person to be an active member within the Council. If you’re looking for a proactive and responsible member to represent you, all you have to do is to vote for me.

Graduated in 2009 with a University Diploma in French as Foreign Language and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor degree in International Business and Languages.

UAE National residing in Abu Dhabi

Professional activity:  Export Development Officer at Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development

Studying in a French university with an English schooling backbone, Rawdha AlMeraikhi underwent the French intensive course (DU) and graduated in 2008, and then continued on toward an undergraduate degree in International Business and Languages in 2012. She grew her passion for people and cultures through her student years as a student delegate and engaged in various student affairs activities and academics.   Rawdha currently works for the Abu Dhabi government in the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development in an Export Development Executive role. She is passionate about the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and in helping non-oil Abu Dhabi exporters grow their companies through exports. She has worked on various local and international projects in business development and project management. Rawdha excels at developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders within the private and public sector at all levels and is interested in establishing networking events and initiating new ideas.   Besides working with developing non-oil exporters, Rawdha is part of the Innovation Committee Team that works with an agenda to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into startup companies.

Graduated in 2012 with a University Diploma in French as Foreign Language and in 2015 with a Bachelor degree in Economics & Management.

Egyptian National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: General Manager Assistant at AGG Group (Abu Dhabi).

Until this day, our experience at PSUAD was a story from the past. Yet today as the first Alumni Council is being launched, a new chapter is starting. And I hope that it will be the best part of that story. The first notion that comes to mind when discussing the Council, is that I would like for it to be a warm, welcoming and embracing space enabling its members to reconnect with our University's family, especially as we are getting immersed in our occupational life. Also, given that it is the first council in the history of the University, I am looking forward for it being a beginning for a great legacy aiming to:
1. Pioneer a program aiming to guide and assist the graduates in finding jobs which meet their aspiration.
2. Initiate training workshops run by specialists in the field to educate and enhance the Alumni’s skills making them more equipped to meet the workplace standards.
3. Reunite the graduates through social and networking events to assure the formation of a solid and coherent PSAUD Alumni body (regular class reunions, etc.)
4. Committing to taking part in voluntary work to better contribute to our large scale society's turmoil. My vision: A council through which, each graduate is given the opportunity to share their suggestions and contribute their thoughts on how we can better this council and get closer to achieve its set goals.

Graduated in 2015 with Master degree of Marketing, Management, Communication and Media.       

UAE National residing in Abu Dhabi.  

Professional activity: HC Advisor, Human Capital Division, Al Hosn Gas (advising to the Human Capital Vice President on projects and topics related to the HC Division in the Gas Industry).

As a Human Capital Advisor to the Human Capital Division of Al Hosn Gas, I have been through many different cases and projects with many focuses that enriched my experience and my way of looking at things. I’m a self-motivated person that loves to learn new things and apply them in life generally and in work specifically. I enjoy the gift of volunteering as it clears off the selfishness from my heart and thus I always enroll myself in different types of volunteering programs through Takatof and Habitat for Humanity organizations. I enjoy traveling to the maximum and tries always to explore new cultures. I read habitually on different subjects and I keep myself updated through the global prominent magazines and newspapers. My motto in life is “Do what you Love, and Love what You Do". I believe that as a UAE National Female, I'll be a good reference point to the general public especially Females. In addition, I believe my experience at work and my enthusiasm of giving and paying it forward would benefit the university with regards to enhancing the overall service at the university.

Graduated in 2015 with a Master Degree in Marketing, Management, Communication and Media.

Italian National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: Head of Communications Section at Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training - ACTVET

Silvia is on LinkedIn :    

I am pleased to present myself today as a candidate for the first Alumni Council election. I have recently completed the Master Degree in Marketing, Management, Communication and Media, and I intend to contribute to the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni Council’s mission with my expertise in communication and intercultural relations to promote exchange amongst alumni and uphold the Association's brand through partnerships and media exposure. If I am elected I would like to support the creation of valuable opportunities for PSUAD alumni to connect with alumni of other universities, in the UAE and abroad, by fostering sharing of knowledge, ideas and professional experience through forums, networking events, and a dedicated journal. Raising the profile of the PSUAD would also be at the forefront of my priorities, as enhancing the University’s brand will be extremely beneficial for all Alumni, and current students, for their professional career. As an expatriate in the UAE, I am also very keen to promote PSUAD's role in stimulating diversity and cultural understanding within UAE society and amongst alumni. My cultural sensitivity and international experience can be an asset for the Council in considering different backgrounds and interests and to plan initiatives, which cater for a very diverse Alumni community.

Thierno B. KANE
Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor degree in History Civilisations and International Affairs.

Senegalese National in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: General Director at Senegal Business Services Consultancy.    

One of the greatest universities in the world where I’m graduated in History, Civilizations and International Affairs in 2012, that’s a Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, which gave me a great challenge today. I'm living in Abu Dhabi since almost seven years, actually the General Director of my own company Senegal Business Services Consultancy. My role is to promote investment and foster trade between Senegal and United Arab Emirates, assist small and medium size companies, organise tourism and business delegations and assist visitors with visa procedures.

Having a chance to participate in activities of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Alumni is a great opportunity to add my skills and to share my new knowledge. Promoting Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi in different qualified high school would be my first step specially in Senegal, because the best students are also there and with capacity to pay their studies. The best personal skills I can provide also is a teaching satisfaction to the student who are newly in French subject studies method, specially to the Arabic Gulf countries student. It’s a great experience I got from Sorbonne between 2009 – 2012. It’s a best way to assist such student on their studies, it’s a particular method that keep them learn easily and understand immediately their lessons.

Yazid Mohamed EL ADEL
Graduated in 2015 with a Master degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language.

Tunisian National residing in Abu Dhabi.

Professional activity: ICT Teacher at Abu Dhabi Education Council – ADEC.

LinkedIn address:

Since I have been teaching French as a foreign language during more than 10 years with Alliance Française Abu Dhabi and have been involved through different workshops and events with Institut Français, I think that my expertise and my experience would represent an added value to the first Alumni Council of Trustees. In addition, my leading projects and lesson notes could provide future Sorbonne Students with a valuable support while facing problems of understanding and analyzing the specificities of certain modules in bachelor or master programs.  If selected, my contribution to the Alumni council will be emphasized on assisting in managing the different programs, activities and affaires of the Alumni council, ensuring an effective communication, and building a solid and sustainable support to Sorbonne Abu Dhabi students. My vision of this first Alumni council of trustees is clear: It would act as a platform where alumni members and Sorbonne students can share ideas, advices, contacts and business opportunities. My long stay in the United Arab Emirates (more than 12 years), would offer a sustainable vision on the experience of living in the UAE with all economic, social and cultural changes and how this environment would have a truly impact on Sorbonne student’s daily life and interests. Finally, my message for all Sorbonne University Students would be: “Enjoy the beautiful Atmosphere of Sorbonne University and be a productive learner”.