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campus lifeStudents are at the heart of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi and every aspect of the university is geared towards every student gaining an enriching and rewarding university experience — from the curriculum, the bonds established in the community, the extra-curricular activities, the campus facilities and the cultural programmes.

Life on campus is a combination of various entities, diverse activities, and numerous facilities.

On campus, the Student Services Department helps Sorbonne Abu Dhabi serve as an authentic ‘bridge between civilisations’. By hosting art exhibitions and classes, cultural performances, workshops, cinema club and roundtables, it helps students connect with the community and explore their creativity. A variety of clubs (Emirati, French, Italian, Russian) have been established to elevate the experience for our students.

campus life 2The Student Council promotes healthy interaction between students and the university body. An impressive mix of cultural and social activities alongside athletic events engenders camaraderie, lifelong friendships, and new discoveries in a supportive and inspiring environment. In partnership with a wide spectrum of external organisations, The Student Council frequently arranges multifaceted programmes and social awareness activities like National Day, Poetic Evenings, Talent Shows, Drama and Musical Evenings, TEDxPSUAD that continuously expand horizons and celebrate diversity.



Campus life is more than just a series of cultural and social gatherings: the Library is a key element of the students’ daily routines, and the different facilities on campus bring students together and help them be engaged and entertained —sporting facilities, sound studios, or even just the cafeteria.


AthleticAthletic events like Corporate Games, Volleyball tournaments, and inter-university basketball games are held regularly to improve students’ athletic prowess, and promote healthy living, reinforcing the belief that active bodies lead to active minds.

The Student Open Centre (SOC) also plays a crucial role in student life, acting as the central hub for all student services provided by the Student Affairs Department and a key source of information for everyday life on campus.

With more than 65 nationalities, the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi campus is truly a diverse mosaic that ideally matches the cosmopolitan atmosphere in Abu Dhabi.