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Cultural-ActivitiesBy serving as a beacon of inspiration and facilitating students to develop their skill sets, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi helps develop the local cultural scene.

To sustain efforts in establishing Abu Dhabi as a significant cultural hub in the region, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi organises numerous cultural events in English, French, and Arabic every semester for its students and the community. Through collaborations with local universities and cultural entities, the University serves as a true ‘bridge between civilisations’ by holding concerts, panel discussion sessions, opera and musical concerts, theatre and poetry evenings, art and photography exhibitions, and sports tournaments. By adding a cultural dimension, these events enable students to explore their creative inclinations, refine their talents, and strengthen community bonds.

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s collaborative spirit has successfully forged productive partnerships with major cultural, scientific, and financial entities affiliated with the Abu Dhabi government and the French government. Some of these include Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (ADTCA), Institut Français des Emirats Arabes Unis, Alliance Française, and Abu Dhabi Art.

Cultural-Activities2Students are encouraged to organise, attend, and collaborate with peers, visiting artists, and cultural institutions to stimulate critical thinking and appreciate multicultural artistic perspectives. By attending events and workshops, students gain self-confidence and learn to express their artistic ideas in a coherent and creative manner.

The annual cultural calendar includes the following events:

  • Poetry evenings celebrating distinguished poets and showcasing local talent
  • Art and photography exhibitions
  • Concerts, from classical to modern performances and opera concerts
  • The UAE’s National Day Celebration, which involves connecting with the Emirati community and discovering more the local and indigenous culture
  • Celebration of the Francophonie month (March)
  • Ciné Club evenings screening acclaimed movies
  • UAE heritage seminars that offer a fascinating insight into the Emirati history, heritage sitesand monuments.
  • Theatre workshops and performances, in conjunction with local directors and performers


Cultural-Activities3The Sorbonne Abu Dhabi campus on Al-Reem Island is located in close proximity to the city centre, museums, art galleries, and parks. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the University’s convenient location by discovering opportunities for intellectual, commercial, recreational, and athletic exploration in Abu Dhabi and neighbouring emirates. In addition, the expansion of Abu Dhabi’s public transport facilities to Al-Reem Island has greatly increased audience participation and interaction at the University’s events.

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