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Pick the right graduate programme for your career

SHARE ONChoosing the right subject for postgraduate studies Many students struggle with how to pick a postgraduate programme. But a simple method is to first decide your desired career path, then pick the postgraduate programme that best matches it.

How to Pick a Major for the Life You Want

SHARE ONChoosing your Bachelor Degree in the UAE Students who want a Bachelor degree in the UAE often struggle with which major to choose. At a university in the UAE like Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, there are many choices across diverse

How to Study in the UAE Like a Pro

SHARE ONLearn How to be Productive when you Study in The UAE You’ve been to all the lectures, read the book from cover to cover, and taken good notes. But now it’s time to study for the exam and you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, with

Get a Degree that Sets you Apart at Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi

SHARE ONConsider a Masters in Sustainment Development Law There has never been a better time to get a masters in the field of sustainable development law. The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was a remarkable event, bringing together more than

Top Tips to Beat Stress at University

SHARE ONTry These 8 Tips to Beat Stress When You Study at a University in the UAE Being at a university in the UAE is exciting: there are many cultural and sporting activities, challenging academic work, and tempting activities in Abu Dhabi. College

Paris Sorbonne Helps Students Choose the Perfect Masters Degree

Make the Right Decision Choosing your Masters Degree at Paris-Sorbonne

Essential Guide to your Sophomore Year at Sorbonne Abu-Dhabi

Life on Campus in your Sophomore Year at Paris-Sorbonne

Paris-Sorbonne Helps Students Make the Most of On-Campus Recruitment

Learn more about Campus Recruiting at Paris-Sorbonne

The Benefits of a Geography Major and Future Career Prospects

The Geography Major: How to know if it’s right for you

Master Degree in Performing Arts Management- Putting Your Career in the Fast Lane

Drive Abu Dhabi’s thriving arts scene with a performing arts management degree