Chanael Brivoal from Sorbonne Abu Dhabi seats to UNHRC offices

Chanael Brivoal from Sorbonne Abu Dhabi seats to UNHRC offices


121212Abu Dhabi 16 March 2014 – Chanael Brivoal, a graduate from Paris-  Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi recounted her experience living in Abu Dhabi and studying in Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  for 4 years, as well as her internship and later employment with the regional office of the United Nations High Refugee Commission. She said it was an experience that opened her mind and spirit to the world, paving the way for her to a better future thanks to the competencies she acquired in leadership and creative thinking.

Chanael Brivoalsaid:  “I am French and I spent my high school and university years in the UAE. I joined Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  and was lucky to study with peers from various nationalities. Few were French. For the majority of them, they were UAE nationals and expatriates from the Middle East.”

She explained, “As soon as you enter the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  campus, you are confident that it is a true bridge between civilizations. Students have unlimited access to other cultures, it is a melting pot of various cultures and has a wonderful environment where everyone mingles. The campus is anything but conventional. We often had the chance to work in a real life situation on public projects, which helps students immediately integrate the culturally diverse environment on campus.  I was confident this experience would be unique for me. Thanks to it, I acquired a lot of experience, wisdom and an education. I was also able to mold my personality, especially that studying in Sorbonne gave me the opportunity to meet people from many cultures.”

Chanael Brivoal added, “After the completion of my BA in law and political sciences, I was given through Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  the opportunity to join the MA program in banking law at Boston University. In the period after my graduation and leading up to the start of the MA program I joined the UNHRC regional office and simultaneously Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  helped me get an observer’s seat at the International law, diplomacy and international affairs program, which gave me the chance to combine academic education with hands on experience at the UNHRC.”

She asserted that while she was with the UNHRC regional office she was able to complete tasks she had learned during her years in PSUAD more than anything else. She was helping those in need. And although she was an intern, the UNHRC office treated her like any other employee in the Abu Dhabi office”.

Chanael Brivoal indicated that she participated with the UNHCR in the Abu Dhabi book fair and contributed to the elaboration of reports including the UNHRC brown book. She was able to describe the suffering of the needy to the Fair participants and visitors. In a few months, she was able to fully understand the role of the organization in helping the victims of the Syrian war. The GCC countries and the UNHRC have contributed immensely through food supply and clothes for the refugees.

She emphasized that these few months with the commission changed her life and her perception of the world. There were no words sufficient to express the gratitude she had towards the regional office staff and the faculty at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  who helped her improve her academic and practical skills and foster her human values. All this helped her smoothly advance on the bridge of civilizations, which remains always open to the world.

Chanael Brivoal said, “I am now better equipped to be competitive because I accept there would be challenges in any task I perform. I was trained to do my best, and to focus on my goals. Now, I have a lot of ideas I want to put in place to help those in needs”.

She added, ” Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  was not only the place I had always wanted to study in, it is also the university that changed my life thanks to its professors. They were not just professors to us, they always were there to encourage us, motivating us to give the best of ourselves. They kept telling us we had analytical and research skills we had to exploit”.

Chanael Brivoal emphasized that Sorbonne Abu Dhabi  and its excellent faculty had greatly contributed in shaping her personality and changed her life as a student. She will always be proud to have had the opportunity to be one of their students. She hopes she will achieve something great that will make the university proud and will carry its name to the position it deserves. She indicated that many of the students already have a clear idea about the field they will be working in.

She underlined saying, “I feel really lucky that I had the opportunity to try new experiences with many people. I am lucky to have studied in a multicultural environment equipped to fulfill all the academic and training requirements. Also, the people of the UAE are great. It’s very beneficial to learn from each other in an environment like Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s.”