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Consider a Masters in Sustainment Development Law

There has never been a better time to get a masters in the field of sustainable development law. The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was a remarkable event, bringing together more than 150 governments to agree critical environmental and developmental issues. For the first time in history, there was alignment between global superpowers on issues ranging from manufacturing practices, the future of the fuel industry, public transportation systems, how to protect the world’s indigenous people, and looming global water scarcity. Most importantly, there was agreement on what the most important issues of the earth’s future will be.

Out of the Earth Summit, the practice of sustainable development law was born. Governments suddenly needed to weave Summit recommendations into legislation on issues like international trade, domestic production, fuel sources, and environmental conversation.  Businesses, in turn, had to incorporate new rules and research into their manufacturing and other practices.  Law became critical to this process, translating international policy into domestic policy and in turn to company practices. Working at this complex level are talented professionals with a degree in Sustainable Development Law.

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers a masters in sustainable development law, a certification that puts you ahead in this growing field. The Middle East will be critical to global achievement of the vision, and is positioned to lead the world in clean cities and the future of fuel. A masters in sustainable development law from PSUAD is designed to help students prepare for the complexity and change of leadership in this area. This field of postgraduate studies in law trains students to handle the policy and legal challenges of the areas of law, strategy, economics, finance, diplomacy, science, and geography.

Governments typically wrestle with policy and legislation. But for businesses, sustainable development law often focuses on helping companies balance innovation and sustainability. From waste disposal to packaging materials, professionals with a sustainable development law specialisation help businesses grow profitably while incorporating best practices. These professionals also help businesses focus on employment and corporate governance issues, energy and waste management, tax and financing.

Professionals in the sustainable development law field have a unique opportunity to lead the region and the world in making the earth a better place. If you are considering postgraduate studies in Abu Dhabi, with a masters in sustainable development law from PSUAD you can be one of these professionals.