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Energy Transformation – Rethinking Energy

When:29-Oct-2014. 06:00 pm

Where:Amphitheater Robert de Sorbon

Contact:+971 (0) 2 65 69 555 / communications@psuad.ac.ae [view map]

Audience:Open to the Public

A technology once considered as niche is becoming mainstream. What remains unclear is how long this transition will take, and how well policy makers will handle the change.

As this transformation gets underway, it will affect every aspect of society. Rethinking Energy, a new series by IRENA, will explore how renewable energy is financed, produced, distributed and consumed, and will chart the changing relationships it is bringing about between states, corporations and individuals.
This first volume focuses upon the power sector. It tells a story – about the trends driving this change, how the technology is evolving, who is financing it, and the wider benefits it will bring. Finally, it examines what an energy system powered by renewables might look like and how policy makers can further support the transformation.