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Q. What are the fees to reserve my seat for the program I applied for?

As soon as the acceptance letter is received, you need to pay the Administration fees and Tuition Fees to reserve your seat.

Q. Is there a minimum average required for acceptance?

80% or higher is required for all high school applicants. For master degree, min GPA 3.00.

Q. What language or entrance tests do I need to take?

The Sorbonne does not require SATs. However, to join a Bachelor program, students who are not holders of a French baccalaureate or did not do their studies in French will need to take DELF B2, DALF, TCF, SELFEE or another accepted language proficiency exam. For Physics, an English language certificate is required. For French classes, a placement test will be conducted to examine a student’s level before beginning.

For master degree: TOEFL Min 550 – IELTS 6.0

Q. Do I have to pay an application fee?

No application fees apply.

Q. Do I have to go for an interview?

Yes, you will have an interview with the director of the master.