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Q. Why study French language and literature in the UAE?

Because the UAE is an observatory member of the International Organisation of the Francophonie and intends on developing, especially on a cultural level, its collaboration with France. Projects like the Louvre Abu Dhabi or the Sorbonne are only the beginning.

Q. French language and literature – Is it not too hard?

The bachelor in French and Comparative Literature has a reputation of being difficult, when it is in fact not. Of course, it is a lot of work, but what is so difficult about reading books or analysing movies? Supervision and support of our students helps them, especially on a methodological level.

Q. What’s the use of French language and literature?

Many people today believe that literature is useless but forget that literary studies give us a cultural awareness, train our mind and our abilities to express ourselves, skills that are valued in all professional backgrounds, such that even banks often recruit literary types. Sorbonne AD’s bachelor in French and Comparative Literature offers, as such, a number of career opportunities.

Q. Is the diploma issued in Paris or Abu Dhabi?

The diploma is issued in Paris and sent to the University in Abu Dhabi.

Q. Who corrects and grades the exams?

Correction of exams is done in Paris and grades are entered into the system there too.

Q. Can I change my major?

No, you are registered for one curriculm and you can’t change after the accpetance.

Q. Do I have to choose my courses?

No, courses and subjects are already fixed in each major. Only some electives may be chosen.

Q. Can I do a double major?

Yes, if there is no scheduling conflict between the two chosen majors.

For master student, it is impossible

Q. When are classes normally held, in the morning or evening?

All undergraduate classes are held in the morning or afternoon.

Master classes take place in the evening after 4:00 or during the weekend for some of the curriculum.

Q. How many students are there per class?

It depends on the major, but they do not exceed 30 students per class.

For master classes, the number of students is between 10 and 50

Q. Where are teachers coming from?

Most of the teacher are coming from Paris, some professionals are coming from the UAE

Q. In what language are the programs delivered? Is the French language a pre-requisite? Is there a minimum level required in English?

For the Bachelor, non French-speaking students have to attend a one-year preliminary intensive program in French since most of the courses of the Bachelor program are taught in French. The Bachelor in Physics is the exception to this, as it is taught in English.

All master degree are taught in English except LFA

Q. Can I further my studies in another university?

Both the Bachelor and the Master programs follow the European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS). It is therefore possible to pursue your studies in any European University once you receive a Paris-Sorbonne degree.

Q. Is the degree recognised in the UAE?

The Bachelor and the Master programs are both accredited in the UAE and in France..

Q. What degree will I get at the end of the Program?

Be it for the Bachelor or for the Master, you will receive exactly the same degree as in Paris. The degree is signed by the President of Paris-Sorbonne University and by the Rector of the Paris Academy on behalf of the French Minister of Higher Education and Research.