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Historically, the UAE built its early foundations and development from a steady pipeline of oil and gas revenues. But today, the industries on which the high-growth country relies are varied, and workers from across the globe now flock to the UAE to be part of booming industries. To the people and the trading partners of the United Arab Emirates, this has served, and continues to serve, as a strategy for stability as well as long-term success. Complemented by industry-specific free zones, foreign ownership allowances, and direct flights to other regional hubs, the UAE is now a hub for a wide variety of international sectors.

Applying for fresh graduate jobs in the UAE is simple and straightforward, and many expats use the wide number of recruitment agencies, or target companies via the large number of online job boards. As such a high number of international companies have branches in the UAE, graduates target them directly, applying to the website or through their graduate hiring programmes. Newspapers and industry trade magazines also provide a good source of job leads. Last but not least, making the most of personal networks is a great way to get hired. Look for people you know who work in target organisations, and see if they can help get you hired.

Graduates who want to start their career in the UAE can take their pick of high-growth industries. Though no longer an oil-based economy, the petroleum, petrochemicals, and related services industry remains a staple filled with best-in-class engineers. No less booming is the construction industry, which is famous for its high-profile projects and rapid growth over the past few decades. Other pillars of the economy include industrials like aluminium, cement, fertilizers, as well as shipbuilding and repair.

Not just an industrial centre, the services sector has launched the UAE into the spotlight. With world-famous hotels, enviable airlines, and unrivalled sightseeing landmarks, the tourism and hospitality industries are leading the world and a magnificent place to start a career.

Companies hungry for new talent are offering graduate jobs in Abu Dhabi or other emirates as marketing trainees, IT account executives, junior accountants, and business analysts, to name a few. Graduates of highly specialised fields will find that they are highly sought-after, as companies look to fill their talent pipeline and help build careers.

With booming industries and a dynamic workforce, fresh graduate jobs in the UAE are the perfect option for recent alumni of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.