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Choosing your Bachelor Degree in the UAE

Students who want a Bachelor degree in the UAE often struggle with which major to choose. At a university in the UAE like Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, there are many choices across diverse fields such as law and business, art and science, culture and language. While no one can make the decision for you, making the decision can be straightforward process if you consider what the major will mean to you. Four methods of choosing a major will help focus your options and ensure that you make a good choice:

1. The passion pursuit. Choose a major for your Bachelor degree in the UAE based on a subject that you are passionate about, and you’ll have the energy for the long hours and intense study. For example, a major like comparative literature will appeal to those with a passion for French film, theatre, and books. Or for students fascinated by the achievements of human history and the artefacts that marked progress, majoring in History of Art and Archaeology will be captivating.

2. Preparation for a career in academia. Students who are drawn to advance understanding, insight and human knowledge in academia will ultimately get a PhD in their chosen field. Start this journey on a solid foundation by majoring in the field you would ultimately like to excel in.

3. Preparation for a Masters. Many professions require a Masters degree, which gives both theoretical and practical training to launch a career in a chosen field. In-demand areas such as law or business often require a Masters degree for career progression. Majoring in economics and management, or a complementary field such as law or geography is a good way to get a taste of the Masters before beginning that degree.

4. The career goal. Some students will go straight into the workforce after acquiring a Bachelor degree in the UAE. The environment of a prestigious university in the UAE such as Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi that fosters intellectual and cultural growth makes candidates very attractive for many roles.  But some employers will also require a specific academic focus: for example, translators and language teachers will need a degree in Applied Foreign Languages. Similarly, students who want to go into advertising may want to major in Humanities and then enroll in a Masters on Marketing, Management, Communication and Media.