How to Study in the UAE Like a Pro
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Learn How to be Productive when you Study in The UAE

You’ve been to all the lectures, read the book from cover to cover, and taken good notes. But now it’s time to study for the exam and you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, with some practice and planning, you can learn how to be more productive and study like a pro.

Practice studying before you study.

Find the best time, place, and conditions for you. Perhaps it’s the library in total silence, or at home with loud music. Figuring out what works now will save you a lot of time later. Take 5 minutes before you begin studying, and visualise yourself staying focused and covering all the material needed.

Don’t cram.

Although the temptation to wait to the last minute to study is strong, avoid cramming. Study bit by bit so that the last few days before an exam are relaxed and productive. Get a few hours in daily to keep the material fresh in your mind.

Plan your time.

Decide in advance how many hours you will study, what you will study, and whether you need additional supplies. Create a schedule that lines up to your eating and sleeping routine, and post it on a wall.

While studying, set time limits with alarms to make sure you stick to them. Every 90 minutes, take a 5-10 minute break, but no more. And most importantly, keep the email and social media to a minimum so that you don’t get distracted.

Figure out how you study best.

There are several different types of learners. Auditory learners learn by discussing ideas and reading notes aloud. Visual learners absorb information by drawing diagrams, color-coding notes, or visualizing pictures. Kinetic learners learn by doing things, such as building models or creating things. Whatever your preferred method of study, find a way that works for you and you’ll learn how to be more productive.

If you are memorizing something, find handy ways to remember things such as things that rhyme or sound like what you are memorizing. Creating your own acronyms or abbreviations act as great memory aids to summarise key ideas or components.


Once you’ve finished revising a subject, summarise it in notes, to a friend, or videotape yourself. This helps you remember and gives you something to refer back to if you discover you don’t understand something fully.

There’s no magic solution to studying, but with planning, focus, and finding what works for you, you can learn how to be more productive and be prepared for the toughest of exams. Make the most of your time when you study in the UAE, so you can enjoy more that Paris-Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi has to offer!