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Judiciarisation of the Right to Water and Sanitation

When:20-Nov-2014. from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where:Amphitheatre Robert de Sorbon

Contact:+971 (0)2 65 69 555 / [view map]

Audience:Open to the Public

This workshop will be an opportunity to begin our comparisons of the main principles governing the law of fresh water in France and the UAE. What is the legal status of Fresh water? – Use or commodity? – What is the part played by public services in the management of that resource? How the principle of integrating management is applied? How planning and objectives are determined? How local entities, agencies and the public are associated to the fresh water policies? How water management is decentralised or privatised? How its budget is determined? etc..

After a broad comparative survey, we will be able to focus on more specific issues like, water restrictions measures regarding consumption, leaks in networks, use of rain water, great water cycle management, monitoring of water quality, public participation, contracting (concessions), litigation on water pricing, etc…