Master Degree in Performing Arts Management- Putting Your Career in the Fast Lane
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Theatre. Dance. Music. Film. The performing arts are central to the culture of every civilisation, and nowhere is the opportunity to get involved bigger than in Abu Dhabi. With names such as the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, East meets West when world-renowned museums come to the rich culture of Abu Dhabi. Add in the awe-inspiring Performing Arts Centre which will house numerous performance halls and artistic spaces, and Abu Dhabi is fast becoming a global arts icon. Abu Dhabi has long been a hub of Islamic and Middle Eastern culture, and it’s not the only emirate to hold a reputation as a guardian of heritage: on the other side of the country Sharjah is also known for its heritage sites and museums of Islamic art and culture.

With the development of the arts and the focus on nurturing the heritage of Abu Dhabi, performing arts management jobs are heavily in demand. And with a performing arts management degree, you will be prepared to take advantage of this exciting field. Marrying business education with studies in fine arts, performance arts management degree courses at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi prepare you for a very rewarding career. From artist management to arts administration, a degree is the best way to fast-track your ambition.

Paris-Sorbonne’s performing arts management degree programme combines both Western and regional methods of instruction, and produces the next generation of arts and education leaders in the region, in top performing arts management jobs. The programme recruits students who are seeking to build a career path in the performing arts and in the process become leaders in the field. Whether you have experienced the thrill of performing onstage or enjoy the company of deeply-driven creative types, there are many performing arts management jobs that can turn your passion into a vocation. Adding business skills to the field of creative study prepares you for whichever career you choose – whether it’s in finance, policy-making, talent management, running an arts programme or designing performance events and activities. PSUAD’s graduates are highly in demand for performing arts management jobs, so look into getting the skills you need for a rapidly-growing career. For more information on how PSUAD can fast-track your career, please visit our Career Services page as well as our Alumni page.