Professor Roshdi Rashed Director of the CENTER FOR HISTORY OF ARABIC AND MEDIEVAL SCIENCES AND PHILOSOPHY until 2001 (Denis Diderot - Paris VII University and CNRS).

  • Director of the Doctoral School in Epistemology and History of Sciences, Denis Diderot-Paris VII University, until 2001
  • DHonorary Professor at the University of Tokyo
  • Emeritus Professor at the University of Mansourah (Egypt)
  • Founder (1984) and first Director (till May 93) of the CNRS research team REHSEIS (Research in Epistemology and History of Sciences and Scientific Institutions).

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Professor Yvon Maday

  • Full Professor at Université Pierre et Marie CURIE (UPMC) since October 1989
  • Professor of « classe exceptionnelle » at UPMC since September 2001
  • Member Institut Universitaire de France (senior) since September 2012
  • Visiting Professor at Brown University since September 2003
  • President of the Research and Promotion Council at UPMC December 2014
  • Former Director of the Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions (2001 - 2012)
  • Former President SMAI (2007 - present)
  • Editor at Editeur at Journal of Scientific Computing, Calcolo, CAMCos, NUMA
  • Editor in chief of MathematicS In Action
  • About 40 former PhD students, currently 10 PhD student
  • Author of 6 books and more than 200 scientific papers


  • Prix Blaise Pascal (Gamni-Smai) of the French Academy of Sciences in 1991
  • Member of the European Academy of Sciences since 2003 (division "Computational and Information Sciences”)
  • Section lecturer, International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid 2006
  • Grand Prix Jacques-Louis Lions of the French Academy of Sciences in 2009