Paris-Sorbonne Helps Students Make the Most of On-Campus Recruitment
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Through its on-campus recruitment programme, PSUAD offers unparalleled services to support students as they launch new careers. Career Services shoulders the responsibility of inviting some of the hottest companies to recruit on campus directly, putting you front-and-centre before of some of the world’s best. Even if you don’t have the exact set of qualifications that a company is looking for, don’t be afraid to talk to them or request an interview: many companies will hire graduates from across the spectrum of academic focus if they find someone they really like.

Most students have the impression that only big companies participate in on-campus recruitment. But in fact, many small firms looking for qualified fresh graduates come to PSU to find up-and-coming talent. Employees are the single biggest asset that a company has, and there’s nothing more important than getting the right people into the right roles.

While students worry that they must compete for the most selective jobs, it’s important to realise that companies compete with each other as well. Branding and visibility are hugely important to companies that want to make a great impression at a world-class university. But that’s not all: companies fight for the most appealing students as well, hoping to pick the brightest, most motivated, most competent, and best for their teams. Show them you’re the one by being prepared, giving positive energy, and doing your research.

Another secret of successful students is not to save on-campus recruitment for the last year. Internships, work experience, and meeting people during recruitment drives can be a great way to get into a target company early. Optimize your chance to get industry exposure and work experience by meeting them even before your final year.

Because some interviews may be done in a casual setting, this can give the impression that you aren’t really being interviewed. Don’t be fooled: this is as real as it gets. Companies will be assessing you every step of the way, looking not just at how you answer questions, but also how you behave. Even if they meet you in an informal setting, prepare as you would for a formal interview: research the company and person you are meeting, dress appropriately, and prepare to answer tough questions.

With a university that benefits from a 700-year-old tradition of the finest educational standards, it’s no wonder that companies flock to PSUAD to capture the brightest minds and the best talent. With careful planning and taking advantage of what on-campus recruitment has to offer, you’ll be on your way to your dream career.