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Aware of the stakes and importance of bringing together the academic and socio-economic worlds and beyond its fundamental mission of creating, transmitting and expanding knowledge, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, is willing to work in a balanced and sustainable partnership with companies in the United Arab Emirates and in the region.
Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers a range of opportunities to assist your organisation and business activity. Whether you are a private, public or voluntary sector organisation, we can work with you in raising your organisation’s on-campus profile, promote recruitment opportunities and engage directly with an exceptional group of students and graduates.
Since there are many ways for corporate leaders to increase their involvement with the University, our comprehensive approach to corporate relations emphasizes several dimensions of engagement.

Therefore, we kindly encourage you to look to our corporate partnership opportunities programme.


Human Resources are at the heart of your company’s successful development in the United Arab Emirates and in this respect, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi represents a valuable pool of candidates to explore. The dedicated staff of the Career Services Office strives to connect companies with outstanding students to meet their hiring needs, including full-time employment, part-time positions, and internships.

As a corporation, you can identify and recruit the profiles that are most adapted to your needs, and save valuable time by resorting to our services to organise meetings with short-listed students. The University can help you to communicate your job requirements and opportunities.

Recruiting permanent employees from University talent pool

Why choose Sorbonne Abu Dhabi graduates?

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi aims to equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to make a difference in their chosen career. In addition to producing graduates with a strong knowledge base within their academic subject, the University recognises the importance and relevance of skills such as the ability to:

  • Be a constructive team member
  • Communicate effectively
  • Reflect on strengths and weaknesses
  • Work independently to set goals and strategies
  • Use planning, reasoning, and evaluation to overcome problems
  • Relate their knowledge and understanding to the needs of individuals and communities

Moreover, employers value graduates who have a global perspective and need graduates who have experience with different countries and cultures, making them equipped to deal with different situations and multi-national settings.

Profiles of our Graduates

Fresh graduates: Alumni who have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in June or September 2013.

Alumni: Former students beyond one year of graduation.

Recruiting undergraduate & graduate interns

Our students have established an outstanding reputation as interns for leading corporations, small entrepreneurial entities, and non-profit organisations. We ask employers to think of interns as individuals to mentor and to step into the world of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi to cultivate our students’ talents.

One of the key ways for our students to develop the skills that they will need in their future career is to gain some work experience. Internship can be a great opportunity for students to develop professional skills while simultaneously contributing value to your organisation.

We are always looking for opportunities for our students to gain experience working in organisations, whatever their activity or size.


Steps to consider when recruiting an intern

Benefits for your organisation

  • An opportunity to screen and work with students who are potential entry-level employees prior to them making a full-time commitment.
  • A favourable way to introduce students to your profession or industry.
  • A chance for your junior-level managers within your organisation to gain supervisory experience.
  • The convenience and flexibility of hiring additional staff during peak seasons of your business activity.
  • A way to increase productivity and to recruit well-suited staff members especially in small- to medium-sized organisations.
  • Good word-of-mouth in the recruiting marketplace; your intern will share their experience with classmates and friends on campus. Consider the quality of the experience you create and the positive impact it can make on your company’s reputation.
  • This is an opportunity to build your brand and presence on campus to attract Sorbonne Abu Dhabi top talents.

Design your internship programme

  • Initial planning is the key to a successful and productive internship programme benefiting both the hiring organisation and the intern.
  • You need to establish a clear internship programme including a job description, specific assigned projects, goals and objectives and to identify a supervising coordinator for your intern.
  • Ask and verify with the University about the necessary internship documentation: non-objection letter and/or internship agreement or other required authorisation form.
  • Contact the Career Services Office at the University to understand the educational credit available at the University (mandatory or non-mandatory internship).

 Guidelines for hiring an intern

  • As per the U.A.E. law an intern cannot replace regular employee
  • Interns must receive a useful training to help students to develop their transferable skills
  • Remuneration of the internship: based on the implications for students, the University encourages companies to take into consideration the general situation of the students when evaluating the compensation to give to their interns.
  • Check and follow the provisions with respect to training contract governed by the UAE Federal Law No 8 of 1980 regulating the vocational training contract (Art. 42).

Typology of internships

Credit or non-credit internship

Depending on the University academic programme of the student you want to recruit, internship can be credit based or non-credit based. In the situation where the internship is a mandatory part of the curriculum, students will earn academic credits following the internship completion.

Internship duration

Keep in mind that you can hire interns at any time of year. Typical seasons set by the academic year include summer, fall, winter, and spring, but you can hire for longer time periods. The duration of an internship might be dictated by the duration of the University holidays or by the company’s specific needs (short-term missions requiring the presence of a full-time trainee, or a project to be developed over a full year requiring a part-time trainee). Internships can be:

  • Typical internship: one to two months (June to September).
  • Long-term internship:  two to six months, any time of the year and in parallel with students’ academic courses (for which Master’s students are the most eligible).
  • Part-time internship: from a couple of days to one to two weeks, any time during the students’ holidays.
  • Summer internship: full-time internship of one to three months.

Internship season

Different options are available:

  • Summer: from June to mid-September between two academic years (Bachelor and Master students)
  • Fall, Winter, or Spring internship: from September to April (suitable for Master students who have courses in the evening only)

Recruiting strategies

Post the position on the University website

We offer a free of charge service allowing you to advertise your vacancies and opportunities on our website. Posting openings on gives you exposure to top student talent. Filling out the position profile is simple and allows you to explain the position, the industry, and the benefits of working for your business. You can post paid or unpaid internship offers at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi throughout the year.

Also contact the advisor in charge : 02 65 69 104

 On-campus recruitment interviews

To meet your recruitment needs, we can work with you to collect CVs and arrange your recruiting team to visit the campus and organize interview sessions by coordinating both their schedules and the student availability. Dedicated interview rooms for corporates are available on campus at a day and time that works for you and for the students.

Interviews at your site

Our team will arrange interviews and meetings with our students.

On-campus information sessions

Information sessions about your recruitment opportunities and showcasing your organisation are also possible and facilitate the connections with our students. These sessions are usually scheduled during students ‘dedicated lunch hour.

Career information day

You can organise your own event on the campus as an added benefit to interact with our students. Contact us in advance to organise your visit and stand.

On-campus annual career forum

The annual career forum is designed to offer employers and students a unique platform to meet with each other and discuss career opportunities.

For more information please browse Career Forum Astrolabe 2014.

Engage with our students

Direct interaction between students and companies remains one of our top priorities in the strategy of bringing together higher education and business. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi enables companies and organisations to engage with its diverse student population in a variety of ways:

Career destination events

Host a group of students at your organisation

This opportunity exposes students to your company’s job and internship opportunities, as well as offering insight into the ways in which majors and skills translate in a work setting.

Provide skills workshops

A series of interactive workshops, designed to help students develop their employability and reflect on their skills while increasing their understanding of the graduate workplace: skills assessment; teamwork and entrepreneurial skills set; career management skills (CV, job interview techniques and practice, etc.).

Host an event

Create, host and sponsor a customised conference or a social networking event to meet and greet our students and alumni.

Annual Career Forum

The Career Forum “Astrolabe” organized on the University campus is designed to offer employers from public and private sectors a unique platform where they can meet our students and Alumni to discuss career opportunities and professional projects.

Every year more than 40 leading companies are keen to meet our talented students who are looking for information, internships, and full-time job openings.

In the frame of the Career Forum, a full programme of activities including round tables discussions provide the opportunity for students and visitors to exchange information on common interests while supporting them in their choice of future occupation.

Participation benefits

By participating in Astrolabe Career Forum, your company will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Come and meet face-to-face with Sorbonne Abu Dhabi students and Alumni
  • Create awareness of your respective industry and professions as well as to communicate about the skills required in your activity sector and promote your career and training opportunities
  • Discover and identify potential future talents from the UAE, the region and from more than sixty different countries
  • Fill a particular vacancy in your company
  • Fulfil the objectives set by the Federal Authorities to bring more young Nationals into the job market
  • Position yourself as a proactive employer 

The 2013 Career Forum at a glance

Discover the 2013 edition of Astrolabe Career Forum: watch it here.

Guest Speaking

The Guest Speaker programme is an opportunity for business practitioners to share their industry knowledge and experience with Sorbonne students in order to provide them with valuable career information in their area of study or interest. The Corporate Relations & Career Services Office actively pursues topics and welcome volunteering speakers for this programme.

We regularly update our speaker programme throughout the year.

Be a speaker at career panels or round-table discussions

These events take place on campus and offer students a glimpse into careers from a wide range of fields.

Executive conference for students

These opportunities provide students with the opportunity to learn about the corporate culture of these organisations and hear about upcoming career and internship opportunities directly from employers in a more formal setting.

Become a guest classroom presenter

Do you know that 25 to 30% of the courses offered at the University, within the Masters and certain Bachelors, are taught by professionals who are known for their expertise in their respective specialisation fields?

The University invites executives, consultants, and experts from the business world to share their extensive experience and competences with the students.

  • In Master programmes: if you or your company have specific expertise, you may be able to help us by delivering a lecture to the students for a particular module.
  • In Classroom activities, corporate presentations in Bachelor programmes or Master classes.

Other ways to engage

Connect with a member of our Career Services office team to discuss other ways you can engage with students on the campus.

Career Mentoring

What is Career Mentoring?

At Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi we would like to help our students bridge the gap between life as a student and life as a professional and to establish an even better contact with private and public companies and organisations.

The CareerLink Mentoring Programme is a new and effective career-developing scheme, now available at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, held between a selection of our students and senior industry professionals.

The CareerLink Mentoring Programme matches professionals (mentors) from all fields of expertise with our students (mentees) to help them develop and broaden their knowledge of the business and economic world, and to assist them in making well-informed decisions about their future. By using their skills, experience and valuable knowledge, the mentors, through a series of constructive meetings, develop the mentees’ full potential and support them as they prepare to make the significant transition from education into employment.

Careers Mentors meet with a student for a minimum of four times over 6 to 8 months. They advise on professional and career development and offer opportunities for work shadowing and networking.

Information on the mentoring programme will be available soon. Should you be interested to become a mentor, please call

Alumni Profiles

Alumni are in the best position to encourage the next generation of students and to help answer the main question about further studies or employment outcomes following graduation at PSUAD : “What can I do with a Sorbonne degree”?

Current students or fresh graduates are interested in hearing how others successfully made the transition from university to work life. We are working at collecting alumni stories, and so we invite you to submit your story to inspire and motivate current students by email to

Faculty and Students Organisations

Connect with Faculty and Academic Departments

Our Faculty are specialists in a wide range of topics. We can help you develop relationships with appropriate academic departments.

Our dedicated team of the Corporate Relations & Career Services Office works closely with the University’s Faculty. If you are keen to establish closer relationships with specific academic departments, we can facilitate links with appropriate professors.


There is a range of ways in which employers can work with academic departments. Examples include:

  • Meeting with professors and academic staff to discuss potential areas for collaboration
  • Locating an expert for your own projects
  • Providing a study project for students to work on as part of their course
  • Offering a case study which can be integrated into the curriculum
  • Offering competitions, prizes and other awards
  • Holding a guest lecture
  • Arranging a site visit which could be part of a course.

Employers who wish to develop long-term partnerships with the following faculty are always most welcome.

Connect with Student Organisations

The Corporate Relations & Career Services Office can put you in touch with other parts of the University such as the Students’ Council and the Alumni network. Connections with other existing student clubs are also possible.

This will gain you a wide exposure on campus and enable you to connect with talented students.

Email Corporate Relations & Career Development Services for more details.

Become a Research Partner

Indeed, one of the University’s missions is to gather the complementary talents and expertise of universities and professionals in order to facilitate the innovation and transfer of knowledge to satisfy the needs of UAE territorial development. Numerous economic sectors and industry topics are eligible for active research partnerships. Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi seeks to initiate and organise the gathering of different key players within a similar subject matter under research clusters.

The University is in the process of identifying areas of interdisciplinary research in which the University has strong expertise.  All of these areas will address major challenges facing UAE society today such as environment, food security and other challenges which call for solutions that involve cooperation between public authorities, business and industry and the University.

With Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, corporations can take advantage of unique research facilities and engage faculty and students in questions that will impact the future of the United Arab Emirates.

Please contact the Vice-Chancellor’s office at

Optimising Philanthropy

Supporting student scholarships

The creation of a study and research Chair is yet another avenue to bring together the economic needs of one or more philanthropic organizations (especially the needs for an executive training of excellence applied to management) and the academic competence of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

It is a novel, genuine and long-term pattern of building a partnership that puts the sponsor at the heart of the University’s research and teaching process, as a co-actor in the Sorbonne’s UAE strategic development.

The funding of a Chair can be undertaken by one or more partners sharing the same interests or with different objectives but operating within the same economic sector and in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.

Sponsor a Chair

There are many different tangible and measurable ways that a corporation can support the University. Some traditional kinds of support include:

  • Students: by supporting Sorbonne students through personalised scholarships.
  • Faculty: by endowing or helping to endow a distinguished professorship or chair (visit “Sponsor a Chair”).
  • Facilities: by providing and/or maintaining state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities. This includes the option of providing technology, equipment, and materials.
  • Research collaboration: by visiting our Research section to learn more about the university’s current research activities.
  • Donation, non-cash gifts: non-cash gifts include computer hardware and software, equipment, expendable supplies for laboratories, library archive collections, musical instruments, works of art, and other materials that the University would otherwise need to purchase. To discuss making a gift-in-kind, please contact the General Services that is the most likely beneficiary.

Other opportunities for involvement

In addition to fulfilling corporate social responsibility objectives, corporations gain many competitive advantages in return for their support, such as:

  • Enhance their public image
  • Gain an advantage in attracting Sorbonne graduates
  • Strengthen ties to Sorbonne’s research university
  • Support pertinent research programmes
  • Work with Sorbonne students and faculty
  • Play a leading role in the country’s  economic development

Benefits of philanthropic partnerships

Supporting student scholarships

Business and industry have played a significant role at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi since its creation through their generous philanthropic support.

Merit based scholarships are a strategic priority for Sorbonne Abu Dhabi in an effort to achieve a more diversified student body and to award scholarship funds to students who demonstrate financial need and good academic credit.

Corporates are invited to join the prestigious Les Amis de la Sorbonne, whose essential mission is, under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to collect resources in order to finance student scholarships. The Association brings together renowned French and Emirati companies, strategic partners to the development of the Sorbonne in the UAE and in the region.

For further information, please email to

Become a Sponsor

Events Sponsorship: raise your profile through sponsorship

Cultural events

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi’s increasing involvement in the cultural activities held in the UAE, and the patronage of events organised directly by the University or in partnership with public or private institutions in Abu Dhabi that are working on promoting and developing the emirate, has led to significant contributions to the local scene. The University, today, represents an interesting asset for companies wishing to integrate culture, arts, and education within their communication and marketing strategies.

Please email the Communication & Marketing Department at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

Social and Economic Event

You can associate your company with prominent economic events such as symposiums, conferences, and forums organised in partnership with local authorities and any other social event marking University life and development.

Academic activities

Study travel; research projects.

Sport activities and sport events

Please contact the Sports Department for more information.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Along with meetings and direct exchanges with students, you can promote your image as an employer or market your business to a highly engaged audience by partnering with Sorbonne University.

You can assert your responsibility as a player and investor in higher education in the UAE through editorials and career recommendations specifically addressed to the students or advertisements via our various communication media which target both students and University partners: brochures, forum, website, E-Newsletter, etc. Select your most suitable option amongst the following opportunities:

  • Career Forum Guide
  • Targeted emails
  • University publications & publicity publications
  • Web advertising opportunities (home page or internal webpages)
  • Alumni Directory or specific guides designed for students.
  • Others to be discussed


Contact: Communication & Marketing Department

Advertising Opportunities

Events Sponsorship: raise your profile through sponsorship

Sponsorship leads to real and sustainable partnerships that result in mutual enrichment by satisfying the respective needs of both partners: companies from public and private sectors and University. Sponsoring cultural activities and events of the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi will reinforce the brand building of your company. It also associates your company with one of the most prestigious universities in the world as well as the first French university in the region whose aim is to work together with the community on building a “Bridge between Civilisations” and expand the Knowledge Economy in the United Arab Emirates.

Organise your corporate events

Think about Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi for business meetings, conferences, seminars, receptions and other events, and organise your own corporate events at the University.

The University opens its doors to private and public companies and gives access to its exceptional facilities and spaces. The Atrium, the Amphitheatres (150 seats each), and the Auditorium (750 seats) are ideal venues that lend themselves to the organisation of major professional and corporate events: symposiums, fairs, exhibitions, conferences, etc. Fully equipped classrooms are also available. A detailed brochure specifying the surface areas and prices is available at your request.

Scheduling your event at the University is convenient, as catering services are also available, ranging from beverages to full lunch and dinner menus.

For assistance in setting up your event, contact the General Services Department – Facilities Services for any queries and for complete support in planning your event according to your needs and requirements.

Vendors and Products

For companies and organisations which are looking to:

  • Do business with Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.
  • Get information related to suppliers.
  • Understand vendors and products policy.

You can contact the General Services Department.

Plan your campus visit

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi welcomes and encourages visits to the campus by corporate representatives interested in exploring the range of opportunities available for interaction and collaboration with us.

With a wide array of possibilities, it is often useful for representatives to plan to spend some time on the campus. Meetings with the Vice Chancellor or faculty and administrative departments can help assess the avenues available for building a relationship.

The Corporate Relations and Career Services Office is happy to coordinate such visits. Please contact us for any queries and requests. Below is a list of links to help visitors to Sorbonne Abu Dhabi find their way around campus.

Click here for Google map

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