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Choosing the right subject for postgraduate studies

Many students struggle with how to pick a postgraduate programme. But a simple method is to first decide your desired career path, then pick the postgraduate programme that best matches it. Professionals in your field are a great source of knowledge for which postgraduate studies programme is best. Ask people you admire and respect for suggestions. Research the degrees held by the top thinkers, writers, and leaders in your target field.

At Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD), most postgraduate studies will prepare you for degrees in the public sector, the private sector, or academia/teaching.

Public Sector

PSUAD Masters programmes give the practical and theoretical knowledge for careers in public policy, legislation, international diplomacy, environmental and energy law, and health administration. With a strong focus on law and the public sector at PSUAD, graduates with Masters degrees in these fields are well-positioned to work at the highest levels. The postgraduate studies in Abu Dhabi offered by PSUAD for the public sector range from specialisations like Health Economics, Sustainable Development Law, Urban and Regional Planning, and Social Research.

Private sector

Top jobs in banking, finance, economics, corporate law, and strategy can be acquired once you’ve conducted postgraduate studies in Abu Dhabi at PSUAD. Career directions span a variety of directions from running advertising campaigns, advising multinational companies, managing major investment projects, or setting pricing and premium rates for health insurance.  Degree programmes in International Business Law, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Management, Communication and Media, and Health Economics put you at the centre of the action.

Academia, arts, and teaching

Perhaps you are drawn to the field of academic thought or the arts in areas like culture, literature, and linguistics. Pursuing postgraduate studies in Abu Dhabi in Muslim and Arab World studies gives you the unique opportunity to study the culture of the region at a world-class international university setting. Teaching is another great opportunity: aspiring French language teachers who graduate the Teaching French as a Foreign Language Programme will have a certification that equips them to teach at some of the best institutions. PSUAD’s strong arts programme offers Masters degrees offered in History of Art and Museum Studies, and Performing Arts Management.


Professionals who have conducted postgraduate studies in Abu Dhabi find that they get much farther, much faster. By following these steps to pick a postgraduate programme, you will begin a journey that ends with landing your dream job.