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The Sorbonne Abu Dhabi conducts specific inter-disciplinary research programmes as follows:

Academic Publications/Papers in 2016/2017 Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Staff
Elite Formation in the UAE Dr Jacob Schmutz
Medieval Theories of Belief in a Comparative Perspective (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) Dr Jacob Schmutz
Studies and Analysis in Economics and Statistics Dr Salem Boubakri
Comparative Law and Sustainable Development

Call for contributions: “The Fresh water, its law and its stakes in the Arab States of the Gulf Cooperation Council”

Dr Anthony Chamboredon
Luxury Perception in the UAE Dr Cécile Chamaret
Human Body: Tradition and Modernity – Health, Sport, Food, Appearance and Body Image Dr Marie-Clarté Lagrée
Slavery & Societies: Facts and Methods around a Historical Object Dr Marie-Clarté Lagrée
Franco- Arab interference (linguistic and cultural) Dr Françoise Rullier
Emirati Proverbs and their Equivalents in French: Translating Activity and Pedagogical Tracks Dr Almoatasem AlrahabiDr Françoise Rullier
Courtesy Expressions in Colloquial Arabic and their Use in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language Dr Ana Ramajo Cuesta
Observatory of the Arabic Francophone Literature Mr Vital Rambaud
Geoarchaeological Studies of the South Arabian Peninsula Prof Eric Fouache
Risks and Sustainable Development in Urban and Natural Environments Dr Rachid RagalaProf Eric FouacheDr Kosmas Povlopoulos
Mathematical Symmetry in Islamic Ornamentation and Architecture Prof Raymond Tennant
Characterisation of the Electrocaloric Effect in Polar Materials Dr Valérie Le Guyon
Multilingualism, Multiculturalism and Sociopragmatic Competence in the Acquisition of Foreign Languages in the United Arab Emirates Dr Ana Ramajo Cuesta

  A visiting professor spends a semester at the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi to explore unique synergies in the diverse themes being pursued by professors and researchers at the university. Currently, the resident research professor in the second semester of the 2013/14 academic year is Prof Mohamed Habib of Laval University in Quebec, Canada. Our university’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Eric Fouache, has been entrusted to set the direction for the university’s research initiatives, assisted by a research committee.