Sorbonne A D Law Students Survey Achievements of Judicial Department
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Visitors Discover Work Mechanisms and Technology Employed in Litigation

27A student delegation from the Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) faculty of law visited the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) to learn about the department’s experience, work mechanisms, and major achievements over the past few years, as well as the cutting-edge technologies used in litigation and administration. The visit falls within PSUAD’s cooperation and partnership-building efforts with international and local institutions and its keenness to provide opportunities for academic and practical nurture for students.

On their field visit, students explored the wide range of services offered to customers by various ADJD sections, in addition to notary public services. Students also visited a typical courtroom to observe the state-of-the-art technology harnessed to serve the process of litigation.

PSUAD law students surveyed the technologies adopted by ADJD for technical and administrative purposes and the key uses of such technology in case logging and tracking at the department. Students were extensively briefed on the techniques used in Abu Dhabi courtrooms, on the case management system and the advantages and facilities it offers for litigation procedures, and information technology used at judicial sections.

The tour started at the central “Dome” square – symbol of the eminence of the judiciary and the advancement of the justice system in Abu Dhabi. This was followed by a visit to the justice museum, where students discovered the purpose behind its creation and the mission it serves, and viewed rare collections and displays, valuable judicial references, and historical documents on the evolution of judicial activity in the emirate and the country. Students then surveyed the different ADJD sections and the e-services provided, notably the request filing system and the customer satisfaction questionnaires at the customer services center which serve to gauge post-transaction client satisfaction.

28Prof. Eric Fouache, PSUAD Vice-Chancellor, noted that the visit is part of a special program aiming to give students access to a broad spectrum of successful judicial experiences across the world. Prof. Fouache remarked that students thus acquire hands-on practical exposure to different litigation systems by learning about the latest methods and advanced technology adopted by ADJD in administrative and judicial affairs.

Prof. Fouache underscored the fact that the law and political science track at PSUAD prepares students to address highly complex national and international challenges. The BA in law offered by PSUAD trains students for careers as lawyers, consultants, commercial counselors, and civil servants, not to mention eligibility for membership in international organizations. The degree can also lead to careers in finance, administration, human resources, auditing, and telecommunications. Students may, alternatively, choose to pursue further studies at the MA or PhD level.

Monther Thebiane, Masters Student, International Law, Diplomacy and International Relations at PSUAD, Member of the ADJD General Secretariat, lauded the academic and cultural proficiency of PSUAD students, remarking that it comes as no surprise given the university’s distinguished standing, educational excellence, and global renown, especially in the area of legal training. He also underlined the importance of the French judicial experience for the Emirati justice system.

He observed that hosting the student delegation is consistent with ADJD’s goals in disseminating judicial and legal culture, and introducing its vision, objectives, and the services it delivers to the community. Students discovered the catalogue of services offered by ADJD to its clients, such as counseling, legal procedures, and the electronic filing of cases. The delegation toured the lawyers’ lounge and justice museum, and observed the administrative workings of the department and the extent to which modern technology is employed by judicial personnel and justice services.

“Students learned about the system linking all courts and prosecution offices across the emirate. They visited a typical courtroom and observed the technology used. They were given a detailed explanation of the case management system adopted by ADJD,” he said.

Dr. Anthony Chamboredon, professor of law and political science at PSUAD, highlighted the considerable developments undergone by the legal and judicial system in Abu Dhabi and the legislative renaissance in the emirate and the country. She noted that the successive advances made by the Abu Dhabi judiciary constitute a model for the region.

Dr. Chamboredon affirmed that the speedy discharge of procedures and processing and settling of cases in Abu Dhabi courts of all stripes is quite admirable and rivals even those countries known for their efficient justice systems. She added that the justice system in Abu Dhabi is a new achievement added to the list of substantial, world-class accomplishments attained by the emirate and the country.

29The students expressed their appreciation to ADJD for its generous hospitality and warm welcome. They underlined the impressive progress they perceived in ADJD’s work mechanisms and the efficiency of the services delivered to customers, which contribute to the prosperity and development of the UAE and strengthen the foundations of high-caliber Emirati innovation.

PSUAD student, Matar Al-Hemeiri said, “During our visit, we learned how courts operate, about litigation procedures and stages, and the great strides achieved by ADJD in employing modern technology to serve judicial action. It was an inspiring experience that cast a new light on the venerable legal profession and justice system.”

Mira Al-Marzougi, also a student at PSUAD, remarked that the students explored the successive advances attained by ADJD. Indeed, the department created state-of-the-art facilities as a foundation for a fair and effective justice system, capable of providing innovative services that help settle disputes accurately and in a timely fashion, within the framework of legal procedures, making the UAE’s experience unique and unparalleled among the world’s greatest countries that are reputed for the advancement and efficient performance of their judiciary.