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PSUAD Launches Physics Bachelor’s Programme

Abu Dhabi – September 8, 2013:
Academic-Orientation2Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) organized an academic orientation week to introduce new students and their parents to the university’s philosophy and educational vision, its undergraduate and graduate programmes, as well as newly-established science specializations. The event informed students about PSUAD’s instruction system, courses of study, and how to get in touch with guidance counsellors.
The orientation programme aims to introduce students to PSUAD’s culture and to undergraduate and graduate programmes offered, and to help them successfully transition from a school to a university setting. Indeed, orientation consists of informational talks on assorted topics, notably, on adjusting to university life, key principles and rules followed at the university, and the significance of being part of a prestigious, world-class institution.
The event took off with a welcome address by the PSUAD Vice-Chancellor. Students and parents then visited booths set up by the various PSUAD academic departments for inquiries and questions.
Welcoming students and parents, Pr. Eric Fouache, PSUAD Vice-Chancellor, noted that the new academic year will witness the launch of the Physics undergraduate programme which will allow UAE students to obtain a French bachelor’s degree in Physics from one of the world’s most renowned and prominent universities.
Academic-Orientation1Pr. Fouache observed that the newly-created bachelor’s degree in Physics covers modern topics in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Applied Physics. Given PSUAD’s keenness to offer new specializations to cater to job market demands, more degree programmes have been made available at the university. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi will keep its leadership in the field of humanities but the physics bachelor is a way to keep step with market changes, especially in light of the UAE’s fast-paced development and marked interest in sciences and technology.
During the event, Pr. Fouache revealed PSUAD’s plans to open a research centre, in the field of humanities and sciences, which will serve to diversify specializations and research at the university and reinforce students’ proficiency in the sciences and their analytic and critical thinking skills.
New students were given details about studying at PSUAD and programme offerings, not to mention the healthy lifestyle promoted by PSUAD on campus. Department directors answered students’ questions and concerns to better prepare them for the coming stage. Students also learned about the services provided to them by various PSUAD facilities.
Dr. Fabien Chareix, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, observed that “PSUAD focuses on fostering the success of its students and promoting excellence, innovation, and incentive.” New students, he noted, learned, through the orientation programme, about the academic programmes available at the university, their advantages and scope, and how closely they respond to local and global job market requirements and integrate modern advances.
Dr. Chareix explained that the academic orientation provided students with extensive details about PSUAD’s academic programmes and included a series of interactive sessions where students and parents engaged in direct exchanges with faculty members and enrolled students on instruction at the university and post-graduation career prospects.
Mr. Eisa Al Raeesi, Head of the PSUAD Cultural and Student Life Department, emphasized the importance of academic orientation for first years in defining the path to success for each individual student especially that those young men and women come from different schools and educational backgrounds and have distinct skills and capacities.
Mr. Al Raeesi noted that the PSUAD Student Affairs Division is responsible for offering students opportunities for participation, learning, and exploration in a vibrant environment, to enrich their university experience and prepare them to serve the global community. “Our main goal is to provide our students with the best conditions for their life and work environment,” he said.
“If they need assistance resolving social, personal, career, or everyday issues, we make sure to help them and are always available to listen to their concerns,” he added.
It is worth mentioning that PSUAD offers ten academic tracks at the undergraduate level in Archaeology and Art History; Economics and Management; French and Comparative Literature; Geography and Planning; History, Civilizations, and International Affairs; Applied Foreign Languages; Law; Philosophy and Sociology; Information and Communication; and Physics. Moreover, nine programmes are available at the graduate level: International Law, Diplomacy, and International Relations; Teaching French for Arab Speakers; Marketing, Management, Communication, and Media; Urban and Regional Planning; International Business; Art History and Museum Studies; Performing Arts Management; Banking and Finance; and Publishing, Information, and Multimedia.