Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Hosts an Event to Explore Mathematics from a New Perspective
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Two Hundred Students Celebrate Abu Dhabi Mix of Tradition and Modernity at ” Math en Jeans”

m1Abu Dhabi 26 March 2014 – Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi hosted ” Math en Jeans”, an event held simultaneously across the world in cities such as Paris, New Delhi and Doha. Featuring workshops that explore mathematics from a new perspective, the event aimed to expand students’ horizons by exploring tradition and modernity in Abu Dhabi.

The event drew some 200 students who submitted papers on pre-assigned subjects and proposed solutions for issues based on mathematical theories. ” Math en Jeans” is founded on the idea of exploring mathematics differently through workshops on mathematical research. Each workshop is led by the researcher proposing the topics for that year. The researcher joins students in their explorations and each workshop is linked to other workshops at different institutions where students work on similar topics, share their discoveries and move forward on an issue at a conference bringing together all participating groups.

Event papers focused on exploring the mix of tradition and modernity in the structures of the city of Abu Dhabi to reveal the capital’s rich heritage which boasts a variety of customs, traditions and archaeological sites. The papers showed the emirate’s aspirations for sustainable development which reflect its determined effort to be one of the world’s leading economies and societies and demonstrated that Abu Dhabi is a unique model for modern cities that brings together old and new.
Dr. Fabien Chareix – Deputy Vice-chancellor of Academic Affairs of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, , said, “Mathematics is the foundation of all sciences. It is a global language that simplifies the most abstract concepts and helps generate many scientific achievements. Mathematics can be found everywhere and is part of our daily lives. It is part of all fields, whether economics, humanities or industry, and has numerous applications in seismology, oceanography and topography.

m2“The event offered workshops aiming to provide students with better learning opportunities and encourage them to acquire the necessary skills for the 21st century in order to contribute to fulfilling the Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic Vision.”

Dr. Chareix underscored the importance of organizing such events and workshops to supply students with personal capacities that are useful for their careers, especially given that such types of knowledge prepare students to go into the labor market with the academic and practical skills needed to face challenges and to practice team spirit in all circumstances and environments.
Prof. Raymond Tennant” Head of Sciences and Engineering Department and Professor of Mathematics” noted that the event serves to develop students’ skills and capacities in mathematics and encouraged students from all schools and universities to sign up for this important global event that takes place around the world and brings together young people to learn and compete in a fun and challenging environment that helps them develop their innovative spirit as well as their design and problem-solving skills.

He stressed that workshops created practical opportunities to test students’ abilities to apply themselves, produce material and uncover the challenges of mathematics while fostering cooperation, team work and effective communication. The event, he observed, encourages resourcefulness and entrepreneurship among students and teaches them how to solve problems, overcome challenges and unleash their creativity.

The event featured workshops in which students worked in groups to come up with useful projects and meaningful ideas for application, highlighting the forum’s success in helping students think outside the box and work as a team, in addition to giving them a glimpse of professional life and how to be active members of their community.