Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Hosts Naseer Shamma in Concert
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34PSUAD held Thursday evening, at its Al Reem Island campus auditorium, a concert showcasing the musical talents of Iraqi virtuoso Naseer Shamma. The concert featured a range of his musical pieces, and was attended by numerous UAE diplomatic, cultural, and art world figures, in addition to PSUAD students and young music lovers.

Eisa Al Raeesi, Head of the PSUAD Cultural and Student Life Department, said “the concert is one of a series of artistic and cultural activities offered by PSUAD,” noting the importance of the cultural gatherings fostered by the university, in keeping with PSUAD’s objectives in promoting creative endeavors and nurturing talented students and nationals in the areas of poetry, literature, music, and other art forms.

“Such gatherings are an opportunity for interaction between young talents and music, literature, and poetry veterans,” Al Raeesi added, observing that the concert represents a new creative horizon and added value to the many cultural projects that PSUAD embraces and supports. Al Raeesi also commended the efforts made by the event organizers, with special acknowledgment to master musician Naseer Shamma.

On his part, Naseer Shamma expressed his delight at giving his first PSUAD concert and appreciation for the generous hospitality of his hosts. Shamma called PSUAD a global beacon of knowledge and culture, and asserted that the university is well-positioned to host and deliver the biggest international music and artistic events, worthy efforts for which he thanked the university.

Shamma affirmed that the UAE has become a prime destination for art and artists, given its stature as a cultural model to make all Arabs proud. He highlighted the leading position, across the Arab region and the Middle-East, of art festivals organized by the UAE, festivals that attract the biggest stars from across the world.
Shamma told the crowd that all big endeavors start out as small dreams, saying: “My dream to play the oud began when I was young. I grew up and my dream grew with me. I dreamt of seeing the oud played by all people. That dream has stayed with me since I am a firm believer in music’s power to discipline and hone our spirit, because music demands discipline and is an educational tool.”

Naseer Shamma is an Iraqi master musician and oud virtuoso. Born in Kut, Iraq, in 1963, he fell in love with the oud and studied the instrument. He also developed a passion for Sufi mysticism and the poetry of Sufi mystics, such as Al Hallaj and Ibn Arabi.

He is the founder of the Arab Oud House Group, a group of 30 oud players, performing at numerous events around the world, including the 2006 Mawazeen Festival in Rabat and the 2007 Carthage Festival. Shamma has written many musical pieces on his native Iraq and set to music various poems.