Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Marks 42nd UAE National Day
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Events and Activities Organized to Showcase National Heritage, Progress, and Development

UAE-National-Day1Abu Dhabi, 28 November 2013 – Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) held a series of events as part of its National Day celebrations, marking the 42nd anniversary of the creation of the UAE, at the university’s Reem Island campus. The events featured a parade of 42 students of different nationalities, symbolizing the number of years since unification and the diversity of the resident communities. Numerous other activities were organized during which PSUAD staff and students donned traditional Emirati dress including a national photography exhibit, Emirati poetry readings, traditional cuisine tastings, and folkloric music performances.
This year, celebrations highlighted the students’ creative endeavors, blending national heritage with the progress and development achieved by the UAE, and reflected the wealth of extracurricular activities at PSUAD. Balloons printed with the UAE flag were released by students, filling the Reem Island sky. Students also presented poems, both in Arabic and French, commemorating the occasion, a calligraphy exhibition for the artist Mohamed Mendi, and designed a scrapbook in which students, faculty, and staff from 75 different countries worldwide expressed their warmest anniversary wishes and their pride for working and studying in such a country. A dedicated PSUAD National Day page was created on Facebook.
Speaking on behalf of the PSUAD family, Prof. Eric Fouache, PSUAD Vice-Chancellor, congratulated the Emirati leadership and people on this momentous occasion, noting that the National Day celebrations emphasize the role played by the university in reinforcing the sense of national belonging and participation. PSUAD’s activities are testimony to the university’s vision, based in social responsibility and the promotion of national and social cohesion, he said. Prof. Fouache observed that December 2nd will remain a historic date, both at the regional and national levels, commemorating the emergence of a unique federal model whereby nations are founded on modern, scientific bases, rooted in history and commitment to national values.
UAE-National-Day2Prof. Fouache lauded the patronage of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, of the march of progress and prosperity witnessed in the UAE in all areas, remarking that Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is one of the pillars of the educational and cultural renaissance in the country. Indeed, PSUAD is carrying a great national responsibility in shaping generations and building human resources based on the latest world-class educational methods. He praised the considerable support provided to the university, to education, and scientific research, by HH Gen. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.
Dr. Fatima Al Shamsi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, offered her deepest congratulations to the esteemed leadership on the occasion of the 42nd UAE National Day. She also thanked PSUAD faculty and event organizers, expressing her delight and pride in seeing the university’s students, nationals and non-nationals alike, celebrating the achievements of the UAE and the country’s global cultural stature.
“The UAE is sallying forth, under the leadership of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and his deputy, HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, together with their brothers the Rulers of the emirates, and HH Gen. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,” she said. She urged students to deploy their utmost effort in preserving the accomplishments attained by the UAE and to strive, in words and in deeds, for all that advances the standing of the country.
Eisa Al Raeesi, Head of the PSUAD Cultural and Student Life Department, underscored the significance of PSUAD’s participation in this national celebration through which students and faculty express their pride in belonging to and studying and working in such a great country.
“The presence of Sorbonne University in the UAE is a testament to the current preoccupation with instituting the finest educational platforms, whether schools or universities, under the patronage and with the support of the sagacious leadership, in order to instill the values of learning and train a generation of talented professionals capable of elevating the stature and repute of the nation.
“All PSUAD events assert the values of devotion and love planted in the hearts of every citizen and resident, illuminate the gains achieved in the UAE, in terms of stability, economic prosperity, and educational advancement, and instill patriotism and love of one’s country in successive generations,” he said.
PSUAD student Sultan bin Sumaida Al Nomani , said, “As members of the theater and cine-clubs, we participated in PSUAD’s artistic celebrations of the 42nd National Day. Our performances showcased our talent as photographers, poets, writers, and painters. We wanted our contributions to reflect the spirit of the occasion as well as the culture and heritage of the UAE, and to translate our joy, patriotism, and dedication.”
Sarah Al Shehhi, also a PSUAD student, noted that the National Day celebrations on campus were a perfect occasion for PSUAD students to express their devotion and strong sense of belonging to the UAE and its leadership. She observed that the country’s growth, progress, and prosperity in all areas call on each and every one to intensify their efforts towards further development and advancement, and to strive for promoting this unique experience.
The celebrations included readings of student poetry on the achievements of the UAE, on patriotism, and love of one’s country. Poems called for rallying around the country’s good leaders and to prove dedication to the nation through education, learning, and endeavoring to sustain development and prosperity. The events included folkloric dance and music presentations, and a poetry evening open to the public.