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Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Showcases Program Offerings at QS World Grad School Tour

PSUAD Booth Draws Big Student and Graduate Turnout

Showcases-ProgramAbu Dhabi, 8 December 2013 – Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) attended the QS World Grad Tour, dedicated to Masters and PhD scholarships and programs, organized by QS World University Rankings, at Crowne Plaza Dubai. The PSUAD booth drew a big turnout of students and graduates eager to learn about the university’s graduate offerings. The fair is one of the leading venues that promote development and quality in higher education, and offers networking opportunities and recognized classifications of the world’s most prestigious universities.
Prof. Eric Fouache, PSUAD Vice-Chancellor, remarked that the fair allowed students and graduates to speak face to face with the admissions officers of universities from around the world, and to share experiences with fellow applicants, alumni, and leading educational institutions. The event offers students access to grad school testing preparation, funding, financial support, and admissions. Seminars and information sessions are offered for application procedures, scholarship applications, and study abroad, offering an overview of the broad spectrum of Masters and PhD programs available worldwide.
“We met, at the PSUAD booth, with numerous students eager to learn about scholarships and graduate programs. We offered them academic advice and gave a series of presentations on the study tracks at the university and its role in providing them with the best educational opportunities post-graduation, founded on our core mission in training highly competent national professionals capable of meeting the needs of the labor market, in keeping with Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.
“PSUAD was the must-see booth at the fair. The university dispatched a distinguished team to the event to assist visitors. The PSUAD booth featured a section to answer the inquiries of secondary school graduates and preparatory year students. Another section handled graduate study inquiries, accreditation, and admission requirements, while a third offered information about PSUAD projects and achievements. Not only that, but a dedicated section was set up for students with special needs,” he said.
Damien Beylier, Head of Section, Masters Programs, noted that PSUAD attendance serves to strengthen joint cooperation between the university and QS. Indeed, the fair features the world’s top universities and constitutes a platform for networking and engaging directly with students, faculty, and interested applicants, while event seminars discussed strategic issues in higher education.
“PSUAD seeks to introduce students and graduates to its new Masters programs and illuminate the cutting-edge facilities and specializations it offers. We want students and the public to know about our services and help students choose study tracks that fulfill their ambitions, while delivering high-quality education that gives them an edge in today’s fiercely competitive market,” he said.
He stressed that human development can only be attained through education in general, and higher education in particular, noting that the latter largely contributes to serving the community and its cultural wealth. PSUAD is an incubator of the highest human endeavors and a builder of human resources that seeks to promote noble ideas and innovation.
He observed that higher education gains significance as a driver and cornerstone of scientific advances, whether in the natural, human, medical, or applied sciences. Higher education is a major contributor to the expansion of knowledge, to strengthened heritage that meets modernity without losing its values. With the shift towards knowledge-based economies, enrollment rates in higher education have soared. As a result, PSUAD was keen to participate in the QS World Grad School Tour to assist university students in accessing its graduate programs.
Angela Franklin, Head of Section, Recruitment Department, remarked that PSUAD’s message to students, graduates, and the community at large was clear at the fair: unlocking human potentials calls for seeking out nurturing opportunities. With the right choice, a student’s creative potential automatically surfaces in their studies and achievements. QS World Grad School Tour allowed visitors to learn about Masters and PhD programs offered by numerous worldwide universities, including PSUAD, to plan their careers and make the best choice of specialty given the decision’s significant effect on shaping the future of graduates. The fair also allowed distinguished and talented students to explore their options more clearly in order to decide on the best academic route with determination and enthusiasm to achieve success.