Sorbonne Abu Dhabi signs a Memorandum of Agreement with Saint Joseph
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As part of developing joint educational and teaching programs, and of fostering cultural exchange and research

USJAbu Dhabi 17 February 2014 – Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Signed a memorandum of agreement with Lebanese University Saint Joseph aiming at fostering academic and educational relations, promote joint activities between the two universities, and anchor cooperation and strategic partnerships between them, which will contribute in realizing the strategic objectives of both universities and will generate a real partnership.

The MOU was signed by Professor Eric Fouache vice chancellor of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and Father Salim al Daccache, Rector of Saint Joseph University. The MOU states that both parties shall cooperate in research and studies, and will develop joint teaching programs, foster cultural exchange and research, organize conferences and workshops, increase cooperation for cultural exchange, education and academic exchange, as well as joint research, publication and training.

Professor Fouache expressed his pleasure at hosting Father Salim Daccache and at cooperating with one of the Middle East’s most distinguished Francophone universities, considered a strong element of the Francophone University Agency in this region of the world.

USJ1Professor Fouache said, ” Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is keen on developing a network of academic partners giving its students and faculty the opportunity to complete academic research projects and to travel abroad to get a better understanding of other cultures. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is adamant on developing the required skills and competences among its students helping them to become active members of society.” Prof. Fouache also underlined the importance of these agreements that are in the interest of students and help them accompany the continuous development in various fields.

He added, “This cooperation between Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and Saint Joseph University is considered an alliance between two French speaking universities of the region with interests in humanities and sciences. They will mutually support each other. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi also seeks to be a bridge between Francophone universities in the region. Its reputation and experience indeed make it well placed to be a leader in the MENA region”.
On the other hand, Father Salim Daccache, USJ chancellor, expressed his happiness at the signing of the MOU with Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, one of the most established universities in the world. He indicated that this MOU covers a large range of academic and educational cooperation possibilities, and fosters real partnerships between French universities through cooperation in training and research. This will entail the organization of joint workshops and the development of an academic and educational program and benefitting from Sorbonne Abu Dhabi faculty by organizing training for both students and professors, which will allow an exchange of scientific experiences as well their experience in academic research, conferences, seminars and cultural activities.

He underlined that this signing of the MOU personifies the spirit of cooperation with academic universities, reiterating that everyone was working towards the same objective, to serve their unique mission of upholding education. He said, “we are proud to cooperate with Sorbonne Abu Dhabi given its huge capabilities and scientific experience, and in light of the excellent role it plays in the region as a whole”. He asserted that this MOU is a model of joint work and the attempts to develop academic performance, as well as supporting exchange of experience between the two establishments.