Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Wins MENA Education Provider of the Year Award
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PSUAD Bags Distinctive Award

Abu Dhabi – November 11, 2013:
MENA-Education-ProviderParis-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) won the prestigious MENA Education Provider of the Year 2013 award by The European Magazine. The European Magazine Awards acknowledges businesses and organisations that develop and advance the regional economy with several companies recognised for their progress, breakthroughs and outstanding performance in their respective fields at a recent award ceremony in London.
Prof. Fouache, Vice-Chancellor, said: “We are delighted by this accolade which represents a significant milestone in recognising an unparalleled academic experience at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi by global readers based outside this region. As a pioneer in delivering world-class education, this award is testament to our landmarks achievements within a short period of establishing a presence in the Middle East, and in accomplishing our strategic objectives aligned to Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. We take tremendous pride in creating a robust educational environment and in helping the emirate of Abu Dhabi position itself as an impressive cultural and scientific hub.”
Backed by its unique teaching methodology and a culture for innovation, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi deploys world-class French education in a cosmopolitan city, promotes international exchanges, and inspires its students to excel. Prof. Fouache stressed that innovation and world-class quality are always at the forefront at PSUAD and the welfare of its students are at the core of every new stage.
Nominated by The European magazine subscribers, the MENA Education Provider of the Year Award is based on numerous criteria including technical leadership, marketing strategy, excellence in delivery, partnerships and magnitude of impact, both within the university and beyond.
Staying true to its motto of ‘bridging civilisations’, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi offers renowned French academic merit attuned with Abu Dhabi’s rapid economic diversification and progress. He remarked, “From our scrupulous admission process to course delivery and dynamic extracurricular activities, we endeavour to uphold rigorous standards in education with programmes exclusively designed to match the nation’s future needs. At PSUAD, we anticipate and evaluate the market potential in the coming decades to tailor programmes perfectly suited to both, the UAE’s and the region’s growth potential.”
Established in 2006 at the invitation of the Abu Dhabi government, PSUAD is affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and offers an immersive academic experience with unique Bachelor courses taught in French and Master courses taught in English. Sustained by a strong legacy of two globally-acclaimed French Universities, Sorbonne Paris and Paris Descartes University, PSUAD recently launched science specialisations in collaboration with Pierre and Marie Curie University.
Prof. Fouache asserted that PSUAD plans to open a research centre, in the field of humanities and sciences, which aims to diversify specialisations and research at the university and reinforce students’ proficiency in the sciences by encouraging their analytic and critical thinking skills.
This new educational dimension reaffirms Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s commitment of opening new avenues of research, development and employment catering to demand and market evolution. The university’s future initiatives to preserve this momentum include plans to commence a PhD programme making studying in Abu Dhabi more attractive for students and employees determined to carve a niche in their professional lives.
Dr. Fatima Al Shamsi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Affairs, observed that “PSUAD also add value to its curriculum by frequently collaborating with national, regional, and international institutions that engage with its faculty and students. Through participation in government programmes and corporate activities, we forge balanced partnerships with vital government and industry entities in order to enable our students access to valuable projects and employment schemes”.
Functioning as an extension of its Paris campus, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi offers distinctive yet identical education to Sorbonne Paris with similar teaching methodology, the same courses and professors and all diplomas issued in Paris. The professors embark on special project missions to cover the same material in both Abu Dhabi and Paris for its graduate and postgraduate programmes.
Moreover, the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Al-Reem Island campus has impressive and secure accommodation facilities with separate blocks for male and female students, a library with approximately 90,000 books and 320 printed journals, fully-equipped, state-of-the-art science labs, and upgraded soft- and hardware at its computer labs, and notable sports facilities.
Since it was established, PSUAD has enrolled 800 students from over 65 nationalities, with 30% Emiratis, in its various courses creating a truly multicultural environment. Dr. Al Shamsi, further added, “By acting as a bridge between France and the UAE, between Arab and Western cultures, and also tradition and modernity, PSUAD expands cultural horizons and perspectives of students to refine their cultural sensibilities that ideally correspond with foreign as well as local companies in the region.
Underscoring the importance of dialogue between cultures, and the exchange of knowledge, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi holds year round lectures, round table discussions and colloquia on various topics in a wide range of fields. Through its strong academic know-how and extensive network of professionals and intellectuals, PSUAD serves as a valuable community connector with conferences delivered in English, Arabic and French at its campus.
Dr. Al-Shamsi mentioned: “By positioning PSUAD as a model for European, francophone, and Arab cultural exchange, any student seeking to amplify their career prospects and work with prominent organisations will immensely benefit from a French education. “
In addition to elevating the credentials of its students, Prof. Fouache also highlighted the importance of their overall development so they participate and positively contribute towards society. He declared, “Our philosophy is to nurture our talented students by stimulating their intellect as well as grooming them to emerge as responsible global citizens.”