Sorbonne Abu-Dhabi Helps Students Settle into University Life with Vast Array of Campus Activities

Sorbonne Abu-Dhabi Helps Students Settle into University Life with Vast Array of Campus Activities

<h1> Campus Activities on offer at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi </h1>

The sun. The sand. The beach. The Corniche. The sports. The films. The poetry. The social life. When you’re not in class, the Sorbonne University campus offers all of that and so much more. With a whirlwind of Sorbonne activities ranging from the artistic to the athletic, the only question is how to fit everything in.

If you’re the athletic type, the Sorbonne University campus in Abu Dhabi offers a best-in-class sports and fitness programme of degree courses as well as intramural activities. Exotic martial arts like Brazilian capoeira and Muay Thai sit alongside pursuits like salsa and Oriental dance. Should you want to polish your moves at something more standard, dive into swimming or volleyball. Find the allure of the water irresistible? Step up to stand-up paddleboard or diving.

If you want something at a slightly slower pace, the film club and theatre performances featuring local talent and directors should do the trick.  Whether your artistic tastes include poetry readings and concerts or art and photography exhibitions, Sorbonne activities can accommodate you.

With international students making up for more than two-thirds of the campus, studying at the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi University campus gives an amazing opportunity to discover the rich cultural traditions of the UAE. Get the low-down on the history by attending the UAE heritage seminars and get a fascinating insight into Emirati history, historical sites, and local monuments. One event not to be missed is the UAE’s National Day Celebration, where you can connect with the Emirati community and immerse yourself in the local culture with food, treats and celebrations at such a cheery time of year.

As you surround yourself by the cultural riches of Abu Dhabi, remember that not all of your social life has to take place on campus. The Sorbonne Abu Dhabi campus on Al-Reem Island is perfectly located a stone’s throw from the city centre, famous museums, and art galleries, so there’s plenty to indulge in beyond the campus confines.

There’s so much to do that it’s easy to get swept up in all the Sorbonne activities, but don’t forget the real reason you’re here: to study!