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Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is a higher education institution that attracts the best students from the UAE, all over the Middle East, and around the world. Sorbonne AD’s multinational student body promotes and ensures an ideal environment for intellectual and cultural growth, setting itself apart from other universities in Abu Dhabi.

In terms of location, Abu Dhabi is rapidly establishing itself on a global level. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is positioned strategically within a five-hour flight away from half of the world’s population, bridging Asia to the rest of the world. To underpin this location advantage, the government has invested significantly in infrastructure: the local airports, home to Emirates, Etihad and Air Arabia airlines, welcomed around 70 million passengers in 2011, equivalent to 10 times the population of the country! So wherever you’re from, joining an university in Abu Dhabi means you are going to find it pretty easy to find a flight home when the university holidays come.

Prospective-Students1As an UAE University with French education, Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi has gone to great lengths to ensure that the academic experience is exactly the same as it is in Paris. All of the courses are predetermined by each programme as they are in Paris. The extraordinary part is that professors are brought directly from Paris on academic missions in order to cover precisely the same material in both locations. The university also maintains a very selective admissions process to uphold the same rigorous academic experience and keep class sizes small.

The curriculum reflects the environment and includes Masters programmes that respond directly to the job market needs, such as Masters in Banking and Finance, Museum Studies, Performing Arts Management, Marketing, Publishing and International Business as well as Sustainable Development and International Business Law, Urban and Regional Planning and Teaching French for Arab Speakers. By establishing an university in Abu Dhabi, Paris-Sorbonne University has a great opportunity to promote the Emirati values of tolerance and knowledge in a strategic location between Europe and Asia at the heart of the Middle East.

humanitiesNot only does the Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi present itself as a bridge between the Emirati and French civilizations and those of the two capital cities, but also as a university that represents over 65 nationalities from all over the world, the bridge extends globally. One might also say that because of its tradition of over 750 years as a university and its forward-thinking approach, this metaphorical bridge links a rich history with an innovative future.

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi combines the legacy and experience of two significant and legendary French universities – Paris-Sorbonne University, which is dedicated to arts and humanities, and Paris-Descartes University, which specialises in Law, Political Science and Economics. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi also partners with Pierre and Marie Curie University, offering an undergraduate programme in physics.

Paris-Sorbonne is one of the top twenty arts and humanities universities in the world, ranked 13th in 2010 by QS World University Rankings. World-renowned for its outstanding presence in the fields of French literature, philosophy, and history and art history, the humanities as a whole, Paris 4 is the essence of French cultural studies.

Paris-Descartes, one of the main French research universities, is strongly focused on innovation and modern approaches in the fields of Law, Economics and Management. It belongs to the top 10 French universities.

UPMC is the official name of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and has been repeatedly ranked first in France in the sciences, receiving accolades for its other achievements in the disciplines of mathematics, physics, engineering, and technology. It is also the largest scientific and medical complex in France.

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