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Student-Council1You can make things happen on Campus, by joining the Student Council.

The purpose of the Student Council is to provide the student body with a common platform that aims to promote interaction between students and the university body. Its mission is to represent the students and give them a voice. The Student Council works closely with the Department of Student Affairs to raise a spirit of community with notions of dedication and responsibility, understanding, and harmony throughout the campus. The Student Council also aims to provide students with unique opportunities to develop life and leadership skills.

Student-Council22The Student Council usually works using committees dedicated to all aspects of student life, like Sport and recreation, Cultural and Artistic activities, Public Relation & Media, Environment and Social concerns, Sciences and Technology and so on and so forth.

The Student Affairs Department provides resources and support for the student council committees and events: interested students should contact them for more information. As a representative of the student body, the criteria of eligibility for the Student Council are strict but don’t let this put you off if you feel your skills, enthusiasm, openness, and dedication to others can make the difference!

Angela Franklin – Head of Section, Advising and Resources
Tel: +971 (0)2 656 9300
Office # 2.132

Farah AlBesher – Administrative Office, Advising and Resources
Tel: +971 (0)2 656 9359
Office # 2.134