The Benefits of a Geography Major and Future Career Prospects
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When most people think of a geography major, they think dusty maps, spinning globes, and ancient explorers. But in fact, geography is a field that is erupting with new developments, tools, and technologies. While the earth’s features have mostly remained the same over time, human understanding, human impact, and political lines have changed dramatically. The intersection of natural and political boundaries has had far-reaching implications ranging from food to development, navigation to phone apps, natural disasters to technology. And jobs for geography majors have grown in turn, making geography one of the most exciting fields of study.

More recently, new geography major jobs in the military, commercial, or public sectors have sprung up. Real estate relies on geographers for property and land valuations. Cities use geographers for zoning and policy decisions. Distribution and logistics companies need geographers to develop shipping routes. Humanitarian missions employ geography experts for critical planning and aid distribution initiatives. Underpinning it all are hardware and software known as geographic information systems (GIS), that analyse, store, display, and map geographical data.  Also, jobs for geography majors don’t just include being geographers: the wide range of useful skills a degree as a geography major provides includes deep knowledge in computer, research, and analytical skills that are highly valued in the marketplace across many fields.

Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s degree as a geography major teaches you GIS systems and the knowledge of their applications in planning, zoning, and geopolitics.  The geography major also incorporates geographical, physical and social angles, as well as linkages to other fields of social science. The required multilingual proficiency prepares you for a career in many different markets. In addition, successful completion of the major qualifies you for entry into PSU’s Masters GAELE of the Department of Geography and Planning at Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV).

Do you have what it takes to be a geography major at PSUAD? Whether you are more about math than maps, a degree as a geography major opens a window to the world. To see how PSUAD helps you find jobs for geography majors, please visit our Career Services page, and visit our Alumni page to see how PSUAD supports its alumni in the long-term.