The Deputy Executive Director for Administrative Affairs heads the Administration Division at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. The division’s main goal is to provide first-class services that support the University’s mission through a strategy of streamlining, safeguarding and implementing permanent and sustainable business processes.

The division’s team is committed to providing excellent customer service to the University community as well as to external stakeholders through six major departments: Finance, Procurement and General Services, Human Resources, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Student Affairs, and Communications and Public Affairs.


The Finance Department manages the strategic and operational objectives of the financial functions at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. This is achieved through developing the budget, monitoring and reporting financial performances to increase productivity; in addition to supporting management decision making while maintaining and safeguarding the University’s assets.

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Procurement and General Services DEPARTMENT

The Procurement and General Services Department manages the procurement process and campus facilities, which includes maintenance, security, cleaning and landscaping. The department is also concerned with the management of events set-up, suppliers and vendors whilst offering professional support to the university and its stakeholders.

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The Human Resources Department aims to provide first-class services to the university’s community as well as to its stakeholders. The department’s enhanced strategy is implemented with appropriate controls that streamline the business needs by offering a unique service delivery model through the implementation of a permanent and sustainable business process.

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Digital Transformation and Innovation DEPARTMENT

The Digital Transformation and Innovation Department strives to provide state-of-the-art computing services to the University community through providing the technology infrastructure support, integrated technology solutions and information services that support the mission of the University. This enhances the educational experience of students, and enriches the teaching experience with modern teaching technologies. Also, the Helpdesk is responsible for providing prompt assistance to students, faculty and staff.

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The Student Affairs Department works with great enthusiasm on supporting the students’ smooth transition into the new university life. This is achieved through implementing a full-fledged integration plan of the students’ academic life, the local culture and the campus community.

In addition, the department works on developing the skills necessary to succeed and to effectively integrate into the work place, after graduation. Students are prepared to function as active members of a larger community with cross-cultural competencies, intercultural awareness, and a sense of personal accountability and integrity.

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The Communications and Public Affairs Department has a mission to raise awareness and achieve positive brand recognition for the University on both, a local and a global level. This is achieved through engaging with the local community and its initiatives, promoting the University’s programmes and faculty, demonstrating the student life and achievements – all whilst using the most efficient and effective communication tools and channels. The department is also concerned with standardising external communication to ensure a consistent public message as well as to identify opportunities and partnerships that will be beneficial to the University.

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