Tuition and Administration Fees

The rates below cover the cost of tuition, depending on the programme. The tuition fees are fixed for the duration of the student’s selected programme. The below fees include tuition and administrative fees (AED 2,700 per year).

Booking a seat at the University is made on the understanding that the student has sufficient funds to pay for their tuition fees and living expenses for the entire duration of their study. Beside the tuition fees, additional charges may include, but are not limited to books, or housing fees.

Diploma in Intensive French (1 Year)
AED 48,700 (approximately US$ 13,271)

Diploma in Intensive French – Evening Courses (2 years)
AED 73,400 (approximately US$ 20,002)

All Bachelors Programmes (3 Years)
AED 215,100 (approximately US$ 58,615)

Master in Applied Foreign Languages: Specialty Management and International Business (2 Years)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Master in Applied Sociological Research (2 Years)
AED 143,400 (approximately US$ 39,077)

Master in Banking and Finance: Law and Regulations of Banking and Financial System (2 Years)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Master in Environment: Dynamics of Territories and Societies (2 Years)
AED 177,900 (approximately US$ 48,478)

Master in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies (2 years)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Master in Health Economics (2 Years)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Master in History of Art and Museum Studies (2 Years)
AED 189,400 (approximately US$ 51,612)

Master in International Business Law (2 Years)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Master in International Law, International Relations and Diplomacy (2 Years)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Master in Marketing, Management, Communication, Media (18 Months)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Master in Teaching French as a Foreign Language (2 Years)
AED 131,900 (approximately US$ 35,943)

Master in Urban Planning and Development (18 Months)
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Executive Education Programmes (CEC)

Executive Diploma in Sports Management (1 Year)
AED 32,700 (approximately US$ 8,911)

Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management
AED 15,000 (approximately US$ 4,088)

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