Master in Applied Sociological Research

The Master in Applied Sociological Research is the only degree of its kind in the UAE, and is offered as a response to the changing needs of policy makers in government entities, state-owned enterprises, consultancy and market research sectors.
It is designed for students to acquire the fundamental knowledge of how and why Sociological Research is instrumental in modern day society.

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    Master in Applied Sociological Research

    This programme mirrors the degree offered in Paris, which targets students and professionals who wish to improve their skills in sociological research methods and develop the expertise crucial to the future of the UAE and surrounding region.

    The objective of this degree is to teach the next generation of consultants to address pertinent challenges facing this region in regards to demography, urbanism, education, media, health and family.


    What does the course curriculum cover?

    The Master in Applied Foreign Languages: Speciality Management and International Business teaches students the concepts and techniques relevant to international business, whilst enabling them to learn extensive knowledge of core business strategies within a global economic context by understanding crucial management concepts in different fields.

    What are the opportunities after finishing the masters degree?

    Students can pursue careers as analysts in leading global consultancy firms, or even expand their own businesses into different markets. Some graduates hold positions in international organisations such as the UN, or in State Agencies and Ministries. Others have setup their own companies in diverse fields including luxury products, events management, insurance and banking

    Where is the degree recognized from?

    The degree is awarded by Sorbonne University in Paris and recognized by UAE (CAA)

    What is the application deadline?

    25 August 2023

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