SELFEE-Sorbonne French Language Courses

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers two new courses designed to prepare students for the B2 and C1 level of SELFEE-Sorbonne Université certification. These courses are 2 semesters programmes that will allow students to improve their linguistic skills and discover the French literature and culture.

SELFEE-Sorbonne Université French language certifications were introduced since 1959 by the French Ministry of National Education and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities of Sorbonne Université.

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    SELFEE-Sorbonne French Language Courses

    B2 SELFEE-Sorbonne Université is an upper-intermediate level qualification. It proves that candidates can use written and spoken French for study or work purposes. The B2 SELFEE exam tests all language skills reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as covering use of grammar and spelling. The B2 level is made up of four papers to test different aspects of candidates’ French language skills.

    C1 SELFEE-Sorbonne Université is an advanced level qualification. It proves that candidates can use written and spoken French for study and work purposes, can express ideas fluently and spontaneously and can recognise implicit meaning. The C1 SELFEE exam tests focuses on different skills such as writing, listening, speaking and proposes a presentation and analysis of litterary works. This course is highly recommended to students who wish to apply for a Master or a PhD programme delivered in French.

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