Certificate in Digital Humanities

The Certificate in Digital Humanities at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is a 1 year programme, delivered in English by academics, international experts, and professionals. The Certificate assists in giving general digital literacy by accompanying the student in opening up to subjects such as Introduction to Digital Humanities, Web and digital culture, Digital regulation, Information Science and the Digital Revolution, Digital Art, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and more.

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    Certificate in Digital Humanities

    The aim of this certificate is to offer a transdisciplinary opening onto the digital society. The Internet revolution has brought about numerous upheavals in our society, from every point of view, and first and foremost at a technical and scientific level.

    The possibilities of the tools are extremely numerous and diverse and bring both multiple opportunities and major risks.

    Relationships between individuals have been profoundly modified by new modes of communication, which are constantly evolving with technical progress (Web 2.0, Web 3, artificial intelligence), generating new forms of social interaction (social networks, globalisation of exchanges, ubiquity of relationships) and mobility. Digital technology has also modified the forms of creation, as well as access to culture and the consumption of cultural goods and, more broadly, it questions our participation in society and the place of the individual in this new digital society.

    It is all these aspects that the certificate proposes to bring to the knowledge of the participants, leaving them the opportunity to direct their learning towards various fields according to their aspirations.

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