Diploma in Statistical Analysis of Economics and Management Data

The Diploma in Statistical Analysis of Economics and Management Data is a one-year postgraduate diploma offered by the Law, Economics and Management Department at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

The objective of the diploma is to teach students about the importance of statistics as a tool for any decision-making process. The modules offered will provide students with an in-depth understanding on how to use and handle large sets of numerical or qualitative data (big data) using advanced statistical techniques and tools (data mining). Courses will teach students to recognise which method to use according to the available data, and in which contexts.

The programme offers both a theoretical and practical knowledge of analysis of statistical data, using the most advanced IT tools (SAS& STATA) and is organised around four main modules: Measurement of the relationship between variables (correlation and causality test), Data analysis methods: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Introduction to SAS/STATA Software, Econometrics of Time Series Data (Estimation and modelling). Specific applied courses include Finance, Insurance and Business.

The curriculum and courses on offer will dedicate a large portion of study to learning hands-on practical computer applications to prepare students for applying statistical analysis in the workplace.

This programme targets a wide spectrum of applicants including governmental and private sector employees, those employed in banking and insurance, as well as fresh university graduates holding an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree.

Upon completion of the diploma, students will be equipped with the skills for rewarding career opportunities in both the government and private sectors including government statistics centres, banks and insurance companies.

Total cost: AED 60,000 (approximately US$ 16,350)

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