Diploma (L.L.M) in Taxation

The Diploma (L.L.M) in Taxation at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is a one-year postgraduate diploma offering students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of taxation law in a variety of areas including VAT, income tax and corporate taxation amongst others. The study programme is designed to provide dynamic learning for careers in taxation.

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi has developed this programme for students who want to improve their knowledge on tax matters. Courses are delivered by experts from the field of taxation, and will incorporate a mix of theoretical principles and practical exercises for a well-rounded learning experience.

Over the course of the study programme, students will learn about the theory of taxation, VAT, income tax, corporate tax, financial market taxation, international taxation and the economics of taxation.

This programme targets a wide spectrum of applicants including governmental and private sector employees.

Upon completion of the diploma, graduates are well equipped for employment opportunities in the private and public sectors including government ministries in charge of taxation in the UAE, private corporations who submit tax returns and consulting organisations who provide audit and tax services.

To apply, please follow this link to start the application process: Apply online here

AED 40,000 (approximately US$ 10,890)