Business and Community

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is aware of the importance to bring academia and industry together and partner with companies from the United Arab Emirates and the region to promote academic, social and career engagement with our students.

Whether a private, public or voluntary sector organisation, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi can work with companies of all sizes to raise awareness about their activities on campus, promote recruitment opportunities and engagement opportunities with an exceptional group of students and graduates.

There are numerous ways for leaders of organisations to increase their involvement with Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, testament to our dedicated approach to corporate relations. We encourage all organisations to contact us to discuss how they can become a part of our corporate partnership opportunities programme. Some of the key benefits of partnering with Sorbonne Abu Dhabi are outlined below.


The dedicated staff at the Career Services and Alumni Relations Office connects companies with outstanding students to meet their recruitment needs, including full and part-time employment and internships. Organisations can identify and recruit the student profiles that match their requirements.


At Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, we encourage our students to be a part of an internship programme to gain valuable industry experience and we are always looking for valued industry partners who can provide internship opportunities. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi interns can be hired at any time of the year. Typical seasons set by the academic year include summer, fall, winter, and spring, but you can hire for longer time periods if required. The duration of an internship might be affected by the duration of the University holidays. Typically, internships can be arranged from one to six months, in consultation with the student and the Career Services and Alumni Relations Office.

For further details about recruiting Sorbonne Abu Dhabi students, please view the link below.

Online Recruitment

We offer a free of charge service allowing you to advertise vacancies on our website. Furthermore, posting openings on gives you access to top student talent.

On Campus Recruitment Interviews

We can work with organisations to collect CVs and arrange recruitment visits to our campus to conduct interviews. Dedicated interview rooms for companies are available. Alternatively, we can send our students to your premises.

On Campus Information Sessions

Information sessions about current recruitment opportunities can be arranged on campus.

Career information day

You can organise your own event on the campus as an added benefit to interact with our students. Contact us in advance to organise your visit and stand.

Annual Career Forum

The annual career forum is held on campus and is designed to offer employers and students a unique platform to meet with each other and discuss career opportunities. This platform provides a number of opportunities for engagement including a guest speaker programme, career panels or round table discussions and a guest teacher (for smaller classes). To find out more about engaging with our students, please contact the Career Services and Alumni Relations Office.

CareerLink Mentoring Programme

The CareerLink Mentoring Programme is a new and effective career-developing scheme held between a selection of our students and senior industry professionals.

The CareerLink Mentoring Programme matches professionals (mentors) from all fields of expertise with our students (mentees) to help them develop and broaden their knowledge of the business world and to assist them in making well-informed decisions about their future. By using their skills, experience and valuable knowledge, the mentors, through a series of constructive meetings, develop the mentees’ full potential and support them as they prepare to make the significant transition from education into employment.

Careers Mentors meet with a student for a minimum of four times over 6 to 8 months. They advise on professional and career development and offer opportunities for work and networking.

Connect with Faculty and Academic Departments

Our Faculty are specialists in a wide range of topics. If you are keen to establish closer relationships with specific academic departments, we can facilitate links with appropriate professors.

Connect with Student Organisations

The Career Services and Alumni Relations Office can put you in touch with other parts of the University such as the Student Council and the Alumni network. Connections with existing student clubs are also possible. This will promote a wide exposure of your organisation on campus and enable companies to connect with students.

Become a Research Partner

One of the University’s missions is to gather the talents and expertise of universities and professionals to promote innovation in the UAE. The University is in the process of identifying areas of interdisciplinary research in which the University has strong expertise. With Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, corporations can take advantage of unique research facilities and engage faculty and students in questions that will have a positive impact on the UAE’s future. Please contact the Executive Director’s office for more information.

Philanthropic Opportunities

There are many different tangible and measurable ways that a corporation can support the University. Some traditional kinds of support include providing scholarships and new researches.

Become a Sponsor

There are a number of ways in which to become a sponsor at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi which are listed below:

  • Sponsorship of academic and cultural events
  • Sponsorship of social events (symposiums, conferences and discussion forums)
  • Research projects
  • Sports activities and events

Sponsors can reach our students through a number of communication mediums including brochures, university newsletters, targeted emails, career forum guide, the Alumni directory and website advertising opportunities to raise their profile and create awareness of the various opportunities available at their organisations. Please contact our Communications Department for more information.

Corporate Events

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi provides state-of-the-art facilities to host business meetings, conferences, seminars, receptions and other events. We also provide organisations the opportunity to organise their own corporate events on the university campus. Our facilities include the Atrium, two fully equipped Amphitheaters (150 seats each) and the Auditorium (700 seats).

Scheduling your event at the University is convenient, as catering services are also available, ranging from beverages to full lunch and dinner menus.

For assistance in setting up your event, please contact the General Services Department. Please click here to download the event application form.

Campus Visits

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi welcomes and encourages visits to the campus by corporate representatives interested in exploring the range of opportunities and facilities available for interaction and collaboration with us. The Career Services and Alumni Relations Office will be happy to coordinate such visits.