Master in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies

The Master in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies equips students with the necessary tools to understand adapted regulatory frameworks in the business administration of sustainable development.

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    Master in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies

    Our students not only develop detailed analytical skills about the environmental impact of global business and socio-economic forces, they are also encouraged to actively participate in projects, workshops, and maintain constant dialogue with faculty and regional or international experts to explore the most effective strategies to respond to various sustainability challenges in the UAE, GCC and on the international level.

    Throughout this education programme, future leaders in environmental sustainability have the opportunity to maximise their skills and career potential, to complement the UAE’s rapid and ambitious progress.


    What does the course curriculum cover?

    The Master in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies provides an inter-disciplinary study programme that meets the knowledge requirements of students interested in careers in environmental law, and environmental policy and management.

    It covers a total of four semesters across two years. The exclusively designed course schedule includes evening classes, in consideration of students who intend to combine their studies with work.

    What are the opportunities after finishing the masters degree?

    Employment within the government, political, media, and environmental sustainability law fields are lucrative and competitive as graduates with a specialisation in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies are highly sought after.

    Where is the degree recognized from?

    The degree is awarded by Sorbonne University in Paris and recognized by UAE (CAA)

    What is the application deadline?

    25 August 2023

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